How To Create Killer Sales Funnels For Your MLM Business

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I hope you are ready to get really excited because this content is going to help you create multiple, effective sales funnels for your mlm business…

NOTE: You can scroll down this post to watch the 4 videos I created about how to create killer sales funnels for your business and skip over my explanation of what is a sales funnel and why you want one for your business. 

What is a sales funnel?

A sales funnel is a process you take your prospects through where they make small commitments that continue to get bigger and bigger until a sale is made. Often multiple sales soon follow and/or a continuity program where the prospects sings up for a monthly membership (or autoship) and you gain a long term customer or distributor..

But I already have a website? why do I want/need a sales funnel? 

I hear this a lot.

Let me be clear.

Everyone has a website these days. It is easier than ever for Joe Shmo to put up a website and be “in business.”

Even the best website in the world doesn’t do you any good if you don’t have traffic. AKA, a steady flow of potential buyers visiting your website. This post is not specifically about how to get more traffic to your website. I have a system for that and you can learn about it right here.

Here’s the problem

Most MLM companies have websites that are designed to sell products. That is their primary function..

but what if your customer is not interested in your product(s) at that time for whatever reason? If they don’t buy right there and then they are often lost and you lose that potential customer forever… A few weeks later when they are ready to buy they do a google search for your products and end up buying from the competition…

Stay with me on this, this part is huge!

A sales funnel is designed to take your prospects through a process that starts with them “opting in” with their name and email and sometimes phone number. In other words, basic contact information. Its a small commitment. Its them, basically raising their hands and saying, yes, I would like some more information and I’m willing to give you my contact information in return for it.

So picture this scenario… You send a thousand prospects to your MLM company replicated website. A few of them like the products and you make some sales and some commissions. Lets say you sell get 10 buyers and from those 10 buyers you make $400. Not bad. but for the work involved in getting that much traffic it may or may not have been worth your time or money.

Scenario #2 is that you have a sales funnel that starts with an opt in page for generating leads. Your page converts at 15%. So with the same number of website vistors from the first scenario, which is 1,000 visitors, you generate 150 leads. 10 of them become customers right off the bat just like in the first scenario and you make $400. Your drip email campaign converts 25 more sales over the course of the next 2 months. You now have 35 paying customers. 25 of which you would have otherwise lost because they were not ready to buy when they first visited your website. 6 months later you still have 115 prospects on your list and you do a promotion for some training or a webinar and you get another 14 buyers.

Do you see how it makes more LONG TERM sense to have a sales funnel in place instead of just a website that sells a few products?

How to Create Effective Online Sales Funnels for Your MLM Business

Now that you know why you want a sales funnel for long term results in your business lets dive right into how to create multiple sales funnels using our online marketing system which you can test drive here for just $10.  The marketing system is a vital part of this process and it kills two birds with one stone because it teaches you  how to get traffic to your website, which of course is a vital part of this process….



Get a Sneak Peak At My First Funnel Using the Funnel Builder Right Here

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As you can see the sky is literally the limit with this mlm funnel builder and now that I know how to use the funnel builder I will be creating and testing multiple funnels for my MLM business. I will make these funnels available to my team members to better empower them to make more sales, get more sign ups and grow our team..

There is no reason why anyone, including you, couldn’t begin making powerful sales funnels for your mlm business following the 4 example videos on this post. The only thing you require, if you don’t already have it, is a membership to MLSP, which you can join here right now

If you need more info on the system you can watch this video before taking your 14 day system test drive here.

 Have fun and good luck designing killer funnels for your business

Adam Chandler

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