How Skiers and Snowboarders Build 6 and 7 Figure Businesses

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About 2 years ago I went on a network marketing leaders retreat in the Rocky Mountains. We skied at Copper Mountain and hiked out to a remote part of the mountain. When we arrived at the top we shot a video about the correlations between building thriving business and skiing/snowboarding. They were nearly endless.

That was the inspiration for this video as the players you see above have been massively successful in both building business (mostly network marketing organizations) and as skiers and snowboarders. This video was shot last week while driving down the road in Silverthorne, Colorado on another ski adventure with some of the same entrepreneurs and a few new faces. Weather you are an avid skier, a novice or even if you’ve never been on the slopes before you can get a lot of business building and entrepreneurial value from this video. Enjoy!

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