How My Grandfather Inspired me to Push Through the Tough Times In my Business

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Edward Burnett 1921-2008

One of my biggest heroes growing up was my was my grandfather, Edward Burnett.

I loved going over to grandpa’s house when I was a kid.. He would always have ice cream cookies for me, my sister and my cousins..

He would share some great stories and even though I was young, I loved learning about what he did in World War II and stories about hardships from building his business throughout the years.

He was badly burned one time when a gas tank exploded in his junk yard. He said he had to roll around in a mud puddle to put out the flames on his back.

And you thought you had problems in your business?!!

My grandfather lived through the great depression. He fought in Italy and Northern Africa during world war II. When he returned from the war he started a scrap metal business and struggled as an entrepreneur for many years but always found a way to feed his wife and 10 kids.

I can’t even tell you how much I respect this man for keeping his family together through EXTREMELY difficult times.

Grandpa died in 2002. After my grandmother died from a ten year battle with alzheimers he was a broken man. He had lost his reason for living and although otherwise healthy, he died just two years after she passed.

I’m happy to say that he passed his “junk” business on to two of his youngest boys (my uncles) and they have turned it into a multi million dollar enterprise.

This business employs many of my cousins as well as my father, (his son in law) who started driving an 18 wheeler for them after taking an early retirement from IBM.

The enterprise he started in the 1940’s became his legacy. A legacy that, to this day, continues to bless our family and others in the community.

This was a business he poured his blood, his sweat and his life into to provide a quality life for his family. He did not whine and complain when times got tough. He focused on solutions to his problems and did what he had to do to make it work because that was the kind of man he was.

And because of his sacrifice, something he created is STILL supporting his children over 10 years after his death. When I face problems in my business I think about entrepreneurs like my grandfather and others who played a pivotal role in shaping our nation..

It helps to give me the strength to find solutions and press forward even when times are tough..

I believe that what I’m doing is important. Not just for myself and the future security of my family, but also to show others the options they have in life. And to inspire hope in people who may, because of economic conditions, feel hopeless.

And that through the process of transitioning from an employee to an entrepreneur, although painful at times, is well worth the pain.

Not only can I help give other people a better shot at true freedom in life but I can simultaneously secure a much brighter future for myself, my family and who knows maybe someday pass on a legacy to those who survive me.

Thank you for taking the time to read this message. I hope it inspires you and touches your life.

Make today count because it does!

Leave your excuses at the door and start working on building a brighter future for yourself and your family…

Adam Chandler

adam chandler cancun

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