How I Use Simple Online Surveys to Get Prospects to Apply to Work With Me in My Business

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The best home business builders and network marketers I know are very good at 2 things


#1 – Posturing


#2 – Positioning


One of the best ways to create posture with your prospects and position yourself as the leader that they want to join and do business with is with simple online surveys.


In this post i’m going to show you some simple ways to get people to actually apply to work with you in your business… Even if you are brand new and never recruited a living soul or generated your first lead online…. In fact, if you are brand new, this is the best way to generate prospects for your business, because it positions you as a leader and authority before you even speak with them on the phone.


One time I used a simple, free online survey to generate 18 applications and closed 10 people into my primary network marketing business in a single week….


Watch the video below to see the different ways I use simple online surveys to position myself as a leader and authority with my prospects, engage with my email list and way more! And stay until the end of the video to get free access to the exact email sequence I used to recruit 10 people into my business in just one week with online surveys.

So why is this such an effective strategy?


Because its like “Reverse Prospecting”


You are essentially creating a situation where they have to apply to work with you and your team, which means instant credibility for you and your team!


Also its a great way to gather information before you get them on the phone. When you do this correctly you can find out where they live, their reasons for wanting a new business, how much money they currently make, and even their income goals…..


…..Which makes the prospecting conversation much, much easier for the newbie marketeer because they can simply say, Hey this is INSERT NAME HERE and I’m calling to let you know we’ve received your application… Do you have a few minutes right now to go over your application? It says here you want to make $10K per month in income from your business is that right?


See how the application itself guides the conversation and takes some of the pressure off the marketer to know exactly what to say? Pretty cool right?


Click Here to Visit the “Work With Me” Page on my Blog and scroll to the bottom of the page to see the exact survey questions I use on my application


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