How He Made 25K – 2 Weeks After His Network Marketing Company Went Down….

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If you are up to speed on news and information regarding the home business industry you know that a company recently got shut down by the SEC (Securities Exchange Commission) and to be respectful of those affected I’m not going to be any more specific than that.

That specific company had a ton of “red flags” and in my opinion it was just a matter of time before the “shut down” happened.

In my 4 years of experience in network marketing that was certainly not the first company I’ve seen that either gotshut down or just fizzled out due mostly impart to poor leadership and infrastructure issues..

It definitely won’t be the last!

I’ve seen people poor their heart and souls, their blood sweat and tears into building an organization only to see their incomes go away which is extremely sad and unfortunate.

One story specifically comes to mind about my friend Dave.

Dave built a company for about 6 months.

He was a very talented and skillful network marketer and he had created a 10K per month residual income in that time period.

He got a call one day from one of the founders of the company saying that they  decided to axe the network marketing aspect of the business and become basically a purely retail company.

They offered him a job as a sales manager and Dave being the entrepreneur that he is shoved it back in their stupid faces ; )

His 10K per month income went up in smoke literally overnight.

Dave felt frustrated and angry at the situation.. He began to feel depressed and said “woe is me” for about 5 minutes..

He then took that frustration and anger and depression and turned them into feelings of motivation and decided that he could either feel depressed about it and wollow in self pity or he could turn it into the biggest opportunity of his life.

2 weeks after that phone call about his residual check going away Dave had created an additional 25K in personal income.

Want to know how he did it? 

And how he was able to waltz into a new company and personally sponsor 92 reps  in his first 7 days?

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