Honesty, Integrity and Transparency. Finding Your Flow in 2013

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Greetings from Denver, Colorado


Just wanted to hit you up real quick and wish you a happy healthy and successful new year!


Warning: This post contains some confessions from my life and business as part of my commitment to honesty integrity and transparency in 2013.


This will not be like any other post you read today because unlike 99% of other marketers who put out this persona to make you believe that they have it all figured out in life, I’ll be the first to admit to you that I don’t.


However, I am continually learning and working on improving myself and I have figured a few things out about making money from home so if that is a goal of yours pay close attention  and read every word of this message : )


In this first week of January, 2013  I wish you blessings of love and  prosperity.


The word prosperity actually comes from the latin word “prospero”  which literally means “in the flow”


When you operate “in the flow” you attract amazing people events and circumstances into your life.


Your life actually becomes magical and you manifest greatness!


Honestly, I feel like I lost some of that “flow” in the year 2012.


My results in my business very much plateaued in 2012 as a result.


I had it in 2011. the flow that is.


And even much of 2010 but for a number of reasons, in 2012 I feel like I lost some of that passion and spark and stepped out of the flow….


Don’t get me wrong I had some amazing experiences, met attracted and spent time with some incredible people and I made good money in my business (still less than I made in 2011 though)


I took some awesome vacations, saw some incredible live music and had an absolute blast!


Much of that awesomeness may have very well come as a result of residual flow I was in back in 2011 : )


Who knows…




I feel like I’m starting to get some of that spark and passion back and its going to be a big focus of mine as we move into 2013…


Finding the flow that I lost and getting it back!


Do you want to come with me on this inward journey and find your flow too?


Don’t worry I’m not going to tell you that in order to do that you need to join me in some biz opp or marketing program…


That would be super lame…


Instead I’ll just ask you to commit to yourself right now that you will.


I’ll be doing plenty of promoting my marketing programs and products in blog posts and emails you will receive throughout the year but this is not one of those times ; )


And by the way, I am a marketer and I make money by promoting but I only only only only EVER promote programs and products that I believe will help you get better results in your business and life, period.


I mention this because there are a lot of marketers out there looking to make a quick buck on the internet however they can..


This means they compromise their integrity and sell stuff they have no idea about and don’t believe in.


You will never see this from me.


Integrity is too far up on my list of values. Its right up there with freedom which is huge for me as you may be able to tell : )


One of the ways I plan on finding the flow that I lost is to help you create true freedom in your life.


If, of course that is what you want.


Most people are on my list because they want time and financial freedom.


If thats not important to you, thats cool too.


But for most of my blog readers and list subscribers it is and thats why I mention it.


I plan to help 100 success seekers like yourself gain true freedom and independence via the home business industry in 2013.


This means helping you become more successful in your business, regardless of weather your on my team or not.


Okay back to us finding our flow together… 

If finding your flow is important to you as well just hit message me here on my blog or via my email and just say something simple like, “I’m with ya” or “finding the flow”


This way I will know if you are serious about finding your flow this year and we will take the journey together..
Sound good?




May you have a happy healthy and prosperous new year!


Be on the lookout of some really cool specialized training, announcements and profit pumping, biz building  insights coming soon…


To us finding our flow in 2013!


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Talk soon,



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