How to Create Real Home Business Momentum in 2013….

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Most home businesses are like broke down cars on the side of the road… broken-down-car


Standing still is the exact opposite of momentum.


But how can you move forward if your vehicle is broke down on the side of the road?


Its simple, just take immediate action when the tow truck driver shows up!


This entire post is about how to create real momentum in your home based business…. And the fall is the perfect time to make it happen since its a period of the year where a lot of people are making changes in their lives.


Here’s what it feels like when your business is in momentum…. You get to take a deep breath and finally relax a bit, because your business is moving… Doesn’t mean you take your foot off the gas peddle. But you do get to feel good about your accomplishment and excitement about your growing enterprise….


Now does’t that sound better than grinding your teeth when you think about your broke down business?


Heres the rub though… Momentum takes discipline and discipline is pain.


And most people will do anything to avoid perceived pain.


But here’s another rub… regret is also pain!


You know what else is pain?


-Being broke


-Working at a job you hate


-Not being able to give your family (and yourself) the life you deserve.


So the question you have to ask yourself is…


…..Does the pain of discipline outweigh the pain of regret and all those others things?


Because until they do you’ll stay exactly where you are….


Which would be totally cool if you were ok with where you are… But the fact that your reading this means your probably not ok with where your at right now….


Will you make a decision right now to start playing full out?


Because until that decision is made you won’t experience any momentum.


Creating momentum in your business takes a real commitment and a solid decision.


To truly decide is to literally kill off all other options.


Have you made the decision to start playing full out so you can experience momentum?


Here’s a way to tell if you’ve really committed and made that decision.


How do you operate in your business?


Full time – Part time – or spare time?


Most unsuccessful marketers build their business in their spare time because they haven’t really made that decision… If they had they would at least be building their business part-time!


Spare time means “I’ll do it when I feel like it, when something more urgent doesn’t take priority”


If you only do actual income producing activities for your business when you feel like, you’ll never create momentum.


You’ll always find excuses and other things that take priority to occupy your time…. Then you’ll justify it by saying your just too busy…


But thats not the reality is it? The reality is not that your too busy… but rather that you haven’t made it a priority yet. You haven’t made an actual decision yet. You haven’t made it a must-do, YET!


And until you do, momentum will be something you’ll hear about in other people’s businesses but never experience yourself.


Another way to create momentum  in your home based business is to play full out for 3 straight months….
……It turns out 90 days is enough time to create some exciting momentum in your business as long as you focus on the right activities.


What is 3 months in the grand scheme of things anyway? Are you willing to push yourself and do more than you normally would for just 3 months if it meant coming out on the other side experiencing profits, automation and momentum?


I know people that have literally tripled their incomes in a 3 month period. Others who have gone from zero to 25 leads per day as a result of pushing themselves out of their comfort zones for 90-100 days.


group-coachingImagine being able to get coaching for 100 days to keep you on track, complete with weekly homework assignments and a community of people who have walked – and are walking the same path.


D0 you feel that could provide a level of much needed support and accountability that will really help you create momentum in your business?


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Because if your business is broke down on the side of the road, or barely moving – the worst thing you can do is not take immediate action when the tow truck driver shows up….


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Adam Chandler


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