Have you ever played credit card roulette?

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The following story is an email I broadcasted to my email “opt in” list yesterday detailing a few of my recent experiences hanging out with some of the biggest names in the network marketing industry. As you will see as you read the following message the events and lifestyle shifts I’ve experienced as a result of taking my network marketing business seriously have been substantial. I’ve also equated these shifts to a few key elements, the most important of which is personal coaching and mentorship. That is why, as you will read, I’m taking 5 new people of my choosing and giving them 5 bonuses in the form of high caliber training and one on one coaching. Enjoy!


SUBJECT: Have you ever played Credit Card Roulette? 

Greetings from Fort Collins, CO

Take 5 minutes and read this entire email to learn how you can be one of just 5 lucky people to access 5 game-changing bonuses, guaranteed to help you create more profit in the next 30 days..

Wow thats a lot of 5’s! As you may know if you read my email from last week I recently got back from a 5 day ski trip with some of the biggest names in the network marketing industry…

Todd Falcone (17,000 active reps in Send Out Cards)

Tim Erway ( Runs Magnetic Sponsoring)

Matt Crystal (Also runs Magnetic Sponsoring)

Todd Schlomer (Co-Creator of MLSP) 

Since creating my first ever, 6 figure year in 2011, 100% of which came from my business, I’ve noticed that the caliber of people I’m hanging out with has increased dramatically…

And because of this I’ve learned a hilarious new game that millionaires play when hanging out socially…


Up at the Ski resorts we racked up some pretty large dinner and bar tabs..

… I’m talking multiple shots of jagermeister, beers, lots of beers :), shot skis, where we lined up and took shots out of a ski with 4 friends and of course all kinds of great food to get the energy levels up after a long day of hitting the slopes…

… And after racking up a tab well over a thousand dollars its time to pay up!

.. But who pays?

Well according to these guys whoever loses the game, Credit Card Roulette… 

We drop everyones credit card into a hat, call the waitress over and the last card picked loses and has to pick up the tab for the whole table…

… It sure beats nickel and dime-ing over who had what and squabbling over pennies the way I use to when I would go out to dinner with my broke friends…

It got me to thinking about how grateful I am for the mentors who showed me how to build ultra-profitable businesses so I no longer have to live my life reading menues from right to left and borrowing money just to keep my bank account from going negative…

Believe it or not thats the way I lived the majority of my adult life up ’til about two years ago…

And in just two short months in 2012 I’ve already been to Mexico on an all expense paid cruise, masterminded with multi-millionaires on several occasions, went on a kick ass 5-day rocky mountain ski excursion and experienced all of that while earning 3 times more money in residual income than I used to make working a full-time advertising job.

And make no mistake…. This all came from:

1.) A burning desire to change my financial life 

2.) A commitment to learning a new set of skills 

3.) (probably most importantly) the guidance and mentorship of some people who had a financial interest in my success

So why am I sharing this? 

Because I want to help you achieve results like this in your business so that you too can experience the freedom and financial abundance that success in this industry can provide.

And thats why I’m re-opening my Legacy Mentoring Program and adding a special twist I’m calling “Cancun in June.”

My company recently announced our next all expense paid trip to the “Dreams resort” in Cancun, Mexico and I want to help you win this trip!

Here’s how it works…

The next 5 people who join my team at the executive level in the Numis Network will get the following 5 exciting bonuses.. 

When I choose you as one of my three lucky people, your going to get access to..

1.) The 21st Century Bonus 

Instant access to my 21st century MLM domination course, a $997 training course to teach you the most effective online and offline marketing strategies. ($997 Value)

2.) The Legacy Mentoring Bonus

(4) weeks of personal coaching with me in order to get your business off to a fast start. (Learn my secret strategies for recruiting talent, my most effective marketing strategies and how I broke through to 6-figures in my business in 2011). ($797 Value)

3.) The 2012 Freedom Bonus

Instant access to my 2012 freedom intensive training course designed to help you create  and achieve goals, set up a rock solid marketing game plan and achieve the freedom and lifestyle you deserve in 2012. ($197 Value)

4.) The Productivity Bonus

Access to my top 5 personal productivity tools and resources as well as my “highly coveted” 21 productivity tips for the deadly serious entrepreneur, PDF. ($97 Value)

5.) The Fast Movers Advantage Bonus

Instant access to my personal mentor, Ray Higdon’s Leadership Mastery Series – Over 4 hours of value packed training on what it takes and how to become a true leader in the network marketing profession (Only for people who join my team before Sunday, March 4th. 2012) ($497 Value) 

As you can see the lucky 5 who I choose to join my team will have a serious leg up on the competition and be eons closer to the freedom and lifestyle this business provides.

Here’s what to do next…

Send me an email at: 


with the subject line



Remember I’m only accepting 5 people and this email is going out to literally thousands so take action now because the first to email me at the address above will be the first people I get back in touch with…

See you in Cancun in June ; )

Adam Chandler

P.S. I consider personal mentoring absolutely vital to you cutting years off your learning curve and creating more profit in a shorter period of time. Its not just vital in building a business but anything that requires you to get out of your comfort zone and learn some new skills. Its a rewarding process for both the mentor and the mentee and I look forward to playing a part in your journey towards your massive success!


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