The “Shocking” Truth About Handling Overwhelm In The Information Age

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the shocking truth about handling overwhelmIf you ask 10 leaders in the world of online business how to handle feelings of overwhelm I bet you would get 10 different answers. Very recently I learned a significantly different idea about overwhelm than I had learned before. This idea came from a multi-million dollar earner in the industry who is obsessed with personal productivity and maximizing profit. He said bluntly that overwhelm is here to stay! As we move farther and farther into the information age we can expect more (not less) information to come our way in the form of social media, tools, resources and people telling us how we should and should not do things. It will be up to us which information and people we allow to influence us and who and what we choose to ignore.

First of all, I feel this explanation to be liberating because rather than finding ways of fighting overwhelm we can simply accept it as reality. Doesn’t it seem like the more we try and resist something the more it shows up in our lives?

“That which you resist about you persists about you” simply because of the amount of energy you are giving the problem. Think about how true that statement is for a moment..

If you are an overweight person and you are constantly making statements like, “I need to loose weight” and you feel extremely guilty for enjoying a pint of ice cream, chances are you will not be losing weight anytime soon because you are putting so much emphasis on the problem instead of looking for a solution. Make sense?

I see a lot of people that come into an industry like internet marketing and complain about overwhelm because they don’t know where to start. They give a great deal of unconscious energy to the problem. The problem is the feeling of overwhelm that cripples them into taking zero action. Zero action leads to zero results which then leads to feelings of being incapable which robs you of your power and leads to a non-empowered meaningless existence.

First lets just accept that in the INFORMATION AGE feelings of overwhelm due to a great deal of INFORMATION are here to stay.

Second lets understand that its not facebook or skype or twitter or gmail or your iphone or MLSP thats the cause of overwhelm. These are all wonderful tools that are designed for leverage and to make life more enjoyable. The problem is that you allow all these things to distract you and cause you feelings of overwhelm.

Stop blaming facebook. Facebook is a wonderful thing. Its you thats the problem!

I’m sure that sounds harsh but it’s absolutely true. And just so you don’t think I’m singling you out I’ll say that I’m the problem as well. However I’m also the solution and so are you!

We have to learn to schedule into our lives distractions like email and facebook and we have to schedule time for learning marketing and improving our skills. An elaborate marketing system like MLSP can seem overwhelming at first with all the cutting edge marketing training. Should I focus on video marketing, pay per click, blogging, article marketing, ezines, etc? There is not one answer that is right for every single person and thats why we have options.                           >>>>> (Wondering what MLSP is? This video will explain everything!)

And lets look at the alternative to overwhelm.. That would be underwhelm.

Would you rather be overwhelmed by the amount of marketing training you have at your disposal or underwhelmed with the lack of training?

Would you rather be overwhelmed by the amount of new business you have coming your way or underwhelmed by the lack of new business that’s coming in?

Stop viewing overwhelm as this bad thing that you have to fight and resist but rather accept is a part of learning and growing in a new exciting world!

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Adam Chandler

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