Giant Pink Bunny’s and 6,000 Screaming Fans | Halloween 2010

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It was certainly a Halloween to remember.. I had a chance to see a band I’ve been into for a few years now.. Ween!! They are not even close to being mainstream if your wondering why you haven’t heard of them.. They’re the kind of band where you could hear 2 different songs and think your listening to two completely different bands. I had the chance to go with some friends of mine who were visiting from New Mexico. It was by far the best Halloween concert I’ve ever seen and I would even go as far as to say it was one of the best rock shows I’ve ever experienced and I’ve literally been to thousands.. You’ll see why it was an epic halloween show with the 10 feet tall pink bunny costumes the band was rocking when they took the stage and the song choices.. I invite you to enjoy the evening with me though my video camera.. An evening with WEEN!!

Ween takes the stage in giant pink bunny costumes

Ween Play’s David Bowie!!

Buckingham Green (One of my favorite Ween songs)

The Blarny Stone (Irish Drinking Song) – Watch at your own risk

This is when shit starts getting weird

Thanks for enjoying the show with me!!

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