[Go Big Blueprint] How to Conquer Limiting Beliefs, Overcome Extreme Adversity and Succeed at Anything

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Regardless of what adversity you may be currently facing in your life… I.E. Lack of capital, extremely restricting schedule, an unsupportive cynical spouse, people close to you telling you that you’ll never make it, or anything else…


There’s one thing thats for sure….


quotes-about-overcoming-adversityAnd thats that there are people out there right now and throughout history who have had it WAY worse. People who have faced bigger limitations and greater adversity and succeeded anyway, in a very BIG way.


There are countless examples of this throughout history. I’ll share one that is personal to me. My grandfather Edward Burnett started a scrap metal business after returning home from World War 2. He worked every day building his business to support his 10 children. They were very poor but somehow they made it work with hard work sacrifice and perseverance.


One day Edward was in his scrap yard and a propane tank exploded near where he was working. He had to roll around in a nearby mud puddle to put out the flames on his back… And you thought you had problems in your business?


I think about this sometimes when I’m facing challenges in my business or when I find myself allowing my own adversity to get the better of me. I think about my grandfather and other entrepreneurs and the adversity they had to overcome and suddenly my problems don’t seem all that bad.


Which brings me to my first point when it comes to overcoming adversity…


Compare and Contrast


When you compare the challenges you face to the challenges that other people have not only faced but also overcome, suddenly your problems don’t seem like that big a deal anymore. Make sense? Did anyone in your own family, maybe your parents, grandparents, or other ancestors, face adversity? And their problems were probably way bigger than yours right?


Did they make it through? Of course they did, otherwise you wouldn’t be here… So whats your problem?  Stop being a wussy and overcome, just like they did.


Here’s a powerful exercise I’ve done a few times that has allowed me to overcome my own challenges and adversity…


Exercise for Overcoming Adversity


malcolm-x-adversity-quote1On a piece of paper make a list of the 7 times in your past that you faced adversity and overcome. This will make you realize that even though you’re current challenges may seem daunting, you have most likely faced even bigger problems in the past and overcome. This will empower you to push through whatever challenges you are currently facing.


On another piece of paper write out 7 reasons why you will push through the challenges and adversity you are currently facing. Who is depending on you to? Who would you be letting down by giving up? This exercise will tap into your “why,” which is huge in terms of pushing forward when the going gets tough.


Overcoming Limiting Beliefs


Success in business is all about belief. You have to believe in what your selling, but more importantly you have to believe in yourself. Believe that you are capable. That you are good enough. That you deserve good things. If there’s one main reason people fail at anything its because they don’t believe that they are capable. It comes down to self confidence.


Who’s going to be more successful, the person who says, “I’ll give it a try for a few months and if its not working by then, i’m out.” Or the person that says, “I’m going to make it work no matter what I have to do or how long it takes?”


Here’s how to overcome limiting beliefs that are most likely currently robbing you of the success you deserve.


First identify the limiting belief. I.E. I don’t have the money. I don’t have the time. I’m not a salesperson. I’m not a technical person. I’m not good enough. etc.


We would then turn the belief upside down by creating a positive affirmation that is opposite to the limiting belief.


Lets say the belief is, “I don’t have any results yet. Who am I to lead people?”


The affirmation would become, “I am the leader that people are looking for.”


Lets say your belief is that rich people are bad. Or that anyone who is financially successful most have scammed people in order to where they are. I would say its downright impossible to become financially successful if this is a belief that exists in your mind.


So lets flip it… The affirmation would become, “I admire and model rich and successful people.”


Got it?…… Great!


Speaking of admiring and modeling rich and successful people, Ray Higdon is someone I greatly admire. And when it comes to succeeding in the face of adversity, he is a perfect example to model. In 2009 Ray found himself in personal foreclosure. The Florida real estate market changed quickly, he didn’t adapt fast enough and his business was wiped out. He owned 8 properties that were foreclosed on. Despite this, he joined his 11th network marketing company and by the 3rd month he was earning $10K per month. By month 7 he was making 40K per month and he became the #1 income earner in the company. Read more about Ray’s story by checking out my last blog post here.


This Tuesday, April 1st at 9 eastern Ray is going to be sharing how to overcome adversity, shatter barriers and get big results fast in your home business… We’re calling it the ‘Go Big Blueprint‘ and its going to extremely valuable and a lot of fun. But seating is extremely limited so lock in your spot here right now and we will see you Tuesday!


Until then, understand this… Nothing worth doing in life doesn’t come without a price. Stop avoiding paying that price and embrace it. You will become a stronger human being and a more empowered entrepreneur in the process.


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