Giraffs, Elephants, Pina Colada’s and $288/Day on a Family Vacation in Orlando, Florida

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The biggest difference between financially successful people and everyone else is this….


Understand and apply *this* and you will radically improve your results while simultaneously creating more free time and drastically improve your lifestyle.


Sound good?


Last week I went to Orlando Florida on a family vacation for 7 days. While I was there I did nothing that even resembled actual “work.”


To my pleasant surprise, when I returned home and started looking at some of my accounts, I realized that I had made $2021 (from just one of my income streams), which averaged out to about $288 per day during the 7 day trip.


Okay, okay… while saying that I did no ‘actual work’ is pretty actuate, saying that I dint’t do anything to advance my business would be a lie because I did.


Let me explain…


At the very beginning of this year I made the decision to start heavily promoting a mobile list building system with a very lucrative affiliate income opportunity attached to it. The affiliate income opportunity brilliantly combines a 100% commission low ticket residual income on the front end – hence the ability to make $2,000 during a week of vacation – and a high ticket direct sales income on the back end. Click here for specific details.


It blows my mind that in just my second month of serious promotion that I could not only have a five figure month in the opportunity, but that I could also make that happen when I spent the last week of the month on vacation.


Pretty cool right?


So, obviously I’m super excited about the opportunity and the results i’ve seen in a very short period of time.. One of the reasons for this fast growth is because the opportunity capitalizes on ‘Mobile Marketing,’ the biggest business and communication trend of our lifetime, during its very early stages of growth.


And because I want to educate myself on this trend as much as possible, I took my new book, “The Mobile Wave” with me to Orlando.


So the real reality is this…


20140301_115445Although I din’t do any actual “work” while on vacation, I did spend an afternoon reading my new book while sipping Pina Colada’s by the pool…


Grueling right?


So thats the lesson… Thats the difference between financially successful people and everyone else… Actually there are 2 lessons here on this topic…


Lesson #1 – Financially successful people educate themselves and gain very specific knowledge related to their chosen field that could only come from “self education.”


Lesson # 2 – Financially successful people create residual income, so that they make money regardless of weather they show up to work or not. Obviously this is not possible in the average job or personal service business where if you don’t show up, you don’t get paid.


Like I said I averaged $288 per day in commissions from the mobile business, every day I was on my vacation.


20140228_121656It was the same on both the day that we flew from Denver to Orlando as it was on the day my girlfriend and I went to Busch Gardens in Tampa to ride roller coasters and see elephants, giraffes and all kinds of other cool exotic animals. We finished that day by sharing a banana split with 5 scoops of ice cream, sprinkles and hot fudge. That was by far my favorite day of the trip!


So here’s the deal..


20140228_140413If you want to create real financial freedom in your life, do this. Invest in your education and find a lucrative business model that combines residual income for ultimate leverage and high ticket back end commissions for rapid wealth creation.


Positioning in front of a major technology trend doesn’t hurt either…


Take Action Now Right Here if you want to ‘roll with me’ on what I believe to be the income opportunity of the decade and an absolute sleeping giant in the world of affiliate marketing.


See you on the other side!


Adam Chandler


P.S. If you want to read more of my content about this developing trend and why I’m so excited about it, read my last post entitled, The Wild West, Profitable Marketing Trends and NOT Missing the Boat 


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