[VIDEO] 4 Powerful Lessons for Getting Better FASTER in the New Year

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Here’s a list of the lessons I go through in the video. Notice how the list starts off very foundational and then evolves to accelerate growth faster and faster. And although most of this information applies perfectly to accelerating growth in business, these lessons could be used to speed up success in any are of life.

  1. Take Full Responsibility. If you’re not making any money in your business its because you suck at marketing. If your not retaining customers its because as a business person you suck. The first step is to take full responsibility and release any blame towards anyone else other than yourself
  2. Daily Disciplines Compounded Over Time = Results. Success doesn’t come by way of giant leaps. It comes by way of doing little things over and over. Things that seem inconsequential today, but repeated over time make all the difference and lead to massive success and complete freedom.
  3. Use your Resources and Seek Free Training and Tutorials Online. Its not that unsuccessful people lack resources. Its often that they lack resourcefulness. There are endless free resources on any topic by searching Google and YouTube alone. Yes you must sift through a lot of crap but if you are patient enough you will find the gold.
  4. Get the Influence of Successful People by Taking Lessons and Investing in Mentorship. There is no faster way to success than this. By getting advice and knowledge from people who have the results you want, you can cut years off your learning curve in a specific area. Especially since these people have already gone through the trial and error and discovered what works and what doesn’t. However expertise like this is rarely free. So it often comes down to how badly do you want to get better and accelerate your growth?

In my experience #4 has ALWAYS produced the fastest growth and the biggest financial returns when it comes to success in business.

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