How to Generate Leads Online – Simple Lead Generation Methods for Lasting Results

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Generate Leads OnlineOne of the biggest challenges to building a profitable network marketing business is lead generation. Where do you find people to share your opportunity with once the “warm market” dries up? And we’re not just looking for any people either. We want high quality people who are actively seeking opportunity.

The majority of network marketers fail at this aspect of their business, but if you aren’t prepared to learn how to generate leads online effectively and efficiently, you’ll end up yet another statistic of the industry or another casualty of the jungle as Jerry Clark puts it.

You’ve got to start with a proven, “how to generate leads online” strategy and have certain systems in place before you even start.

Creating a “warm list” of prospects you already know is a great start but I personally don’t know anyone who has created a 7-figure income from a their warm market alone. There are other issues with the warm list as well. What if you don’t have a high quality warm market and your friends and family members are all blind to opportunity? Maybe they are perfectly fine waiting tables or driving tractor trailers and have no desire to change their lives.  What if you have no credibility with them because you’ve never been successful at anything prior in your life?

Or lets just say, “what happens when your warm market dries up?” 

An email list is the best way to begin building a list of prospects.

Work out who will be your best target before you even lift the telephone. People are busy and they are definitely not going to waste time chatting to you about something that is simply not relevant to them or their business. Always be aware that time is money, so spending your days contacting the wrong people can be a costly mistake.

Generate Leads Online

Come up with a marketing message tailored to your target audience. If they are on facebook you can tailor a message that helps them better understand marketing on facebook. For example, follow this link to learn effective facebook marketing strategies.

No-one wants to hear a lot of fluff. Like I just said people are in a rush nowadays. If the conversation goes well, and there’s a question you can’t answer, be honest about it and call back with the answer later .

People respect honesty. And one of the best strategies to learn how to generate leads online is to simply “keep it real.” That means town down the “over the top hype” you may have been taught by your up-line or sponsor. Many networkers out there only know hype because thats how they were recruited. If that describes the way you are marketing, thats ok. Its not your fault you just haven’t learned real marketing yet. Read this entire post and peruse this blog and you’ll be off to a great start.

Brand yourself and get the word out about your product and your opportunity. You can make yourself  valuable online by making short, top quality, useful videos talking about your products and/or services. Off-line you could always become an affiliate of a club or organisation where people in related companies hang out.

Online Lead Generation

Social media sites like Facebook are excellent places for online lead generation. You should master the process of the right way to generate M.L.M leads online and on social media platforms. Join groups on Facebook that are relevant to your product and see what people are talking abou within the group.

I’m going to tell you the secret to making this work. Pay attention because this is missed by the majority of networkers. The secret is to find out what their needs are and what issues and challenges your prospects are facing. Don’t just jump in and start roaring about your product or you’ll come across as a total amateur and no one will listen to you.  Just be a helpful recourse to your prospects and eventually they will ask you questions about your business. Never suggest that you’re desperate to make a sale or you’ll never sell anything.

When you make a sale – ask for a referral! You have created a relationship with your client and you have solved his problem, so don’t be embarrassed or feel awkward asking if he knows anyone else your products or services may benefit.

Word of mouth referrals are the very best.

Send prospects to your website which should really be up-to-date and packed with useful information. When you have built an email list you should use an autoresponder to send regular emails to further the relationship and build trust and rapport. Simply stimulate people’s interest and include in the short email a closing line that includes an action call like “if you would like to discover more about” you know that subscriber is qualified if he clicks on your link.

Knowing how to generate leads online isn’t rocket science you simply need to learn the right methods of going about it to be a successful network marketing specialist. If generating leads online is one of your goals the following link will allow you to access one of the most content rich, value packed trainings you’ve ever seen. Click here now and don’t miss out! 

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