How the Funded Proposal Concept Works to Build your MLM Opportunity

funded proposal conceptThere are many amazing new breakthroughs on the Internet that offer great probabilities in the world of online business. Successful network marketers have discovered the great opportunities provided by effective affiliate marketing campaigns. Unfortunately many Online marketers tend to forget that it’s still very important to sell other products, like your MLM opportunity, on the back end. This article will explain how the funded proposal concept works by combining low cost educational based affiliate products with an mlm opportunity as the primary back end product.

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By the integration of applicable affiliate marketing campaigns into their businesses, people can massively increase their number of prospects, and as a result, increase their chances of success. By integrating affiliate marketing into their business many are achieving greater success in a shorter period of time.  And for this sort of integration, marketers need to understand how the funded proposal concept works.

The idea of a funded proposal concept for building an mlm opportunity is still a new concept to many network marketers. Very few online network marketers understand how it works and even fewer can actually pull it off.

Understand that its very possible to make more money off of the same batch of leads if you simply apply affiliate marketing to your business. A funded proposal concept will work for you if its applied correctly.

Usually, in the network marketing niche a funded proposal is a low cost product or marketing system that is educational in nature. Your prospects will derive some sort of value in the form of training that helps them understand some aspect of their business more clearly. For you, the marketer, this is two fold. First it positions you as the ‘authority’ in the eyes of your prospects which will make it much easier to present your MLM opportunity or other products on the back end. Second, you make a commission. You make money that can be used to fund your marketing or pay bills or whatever else.

Many ultra successful network marketers who have build thriving organizations through online marketing have lead with this funded proposal concept. Its usually much easier to sell an existing customer on other things once you’ve sold them something that they have benefited from. Its also easier, in general to sell someone a training package or marketing system as opposed to a business opportunity.

You wouldn’t ask someone to marry you on the first date right? 

Its the same general concept when talking about a funded proposal system. Sell a low cost affiliate product or marketing system on the front end to get your “foot in the door” so to speak, build the relationship then promote your back end product or MLM opportunity. You’ll find when you approach your business in this fashion your prospects will be 10 times more receptive to looking at your MLM opportunity and you’ll face less resistance. 

Also note that the funded proposal affiliate product you choose to represent and the caliber training that goes along with it will determine the speed in which you find success.

Start by including your funded proposal on a well-designed landing page. This will be simply done by boosting your options. A good landing page will bring you numerous benefits. On your thank you page explain quickly why you are promoting those products, and what specific benefits your prospects will derive from purchasing them.

But if you prefer you can skip over the thank you page and go directly to the advertising letter.

Some businesses find this better. However this is more involved and is typically best used after succeeding in step one. For now, you need to understand how to make your sales page more enticing.

You should also find out how to maintain its appeal so the offer doesn’t get watered down. Read my, PLEASE NOTE, paragraph at the bottom of this page to help clarify what you just read.

Nonetheless if you don’t like to stick your neck out then you might always link your blog to your sales page and ask for customer comments. It is also a brilliant idea to link your social media pages so that prospects can get in touch with you easily. The funded proposal concept does work extremely well if done correctly. When you take action on this information today, depending on the affiliate product you decide to purchase, you can and will see results in the form of cash flow and new higher quality prospects coming to your door step almost immediately.

PLEASE NOTE: Some of the language I used in this post may seem frightening or weird to some of you and thats ok. Understand that when we talk about capture pages, (pages that are used to capture contact information) and sales pages, (pages used to illustrate offers and sell products ; ) you don’t need to have any knowledge of website design or HTML code to pull this off. Far from it. Many affiliate programs have all this stuff already taken care of and built in for you. This way you can focus your efforts on marketing and drumming up new business.

This funded proposal/affiliate marketing system offers 100% of the product commissions paid directly to you. Its one of the fastest ways to produce immediate, upfront income while capturing more higher quality prospects for your business opportunity.

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