“From Procrastinator to Producer” [Free Stuff Friday]

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Welcome to Free Stuff Friday!

Where every Friday I give you some of my best resources for turning you into a marketing and profit pulling powerhouse…. For Free!

Before I tell you what todays “Free Stuff Friday” gift is… a quick question…

Have you ever procrastinated?

Or maybe a better question is this…

Have you ever felt held back by your own procrastination?

free stuff Friday 2xDo you feel that if you could conquer procrastination that you would be much more successful, in all areas of your life?

If you answered yes to these questions..

….Read on!

Today’s Free Stuff Friday gift is a PDF created by a 7-figure earner and a 25 year veteran of direct sales and network marketing.

Jeffrey Combs is someone I’ve been following and learning from for many years…

I’ve attended many of his events…

He regularly travels North America teaching entrepreneurs how to “breakthrough to success” which is the name of one of his events…

And his “More Heart Than Talent” event was one of the first live events I attended in Dallas, TX in January of 2010.

Jeffrey has coached professional athletes, entertainers and countless entrepreneurs, network marketers and direct selling professionals to get through their mental limitations that hold them back from massive success.

He’s written a ton of great books, many that sit on my bookshelf, including 2 books on the topic of overcoming procrastination.

Today’s Free Stuff Friday gift is a PDF written by Jeffrey called,

jeff_5156_retouch_print“From Procrastinator to Producer” 

Its all about how to conquer procrastination so you can achieve the success and the life you desire…

Its a super quick read too… You can probably read the entire ebook in about 15 minutes sometime this weekend so please don’t procrastinate on reading it because you don’t think you have the time 🙂

Because straight up.. Procrastination is a thief!

It robs you of results.. Its robs you of success and it leaves many people on their death bed wishing they could do it all over…

Harsh right? But true?

Okay here’s the deal…

Here’s what you have to do if you want to get your hands on a FREE copy of this PDF

Simply email Support@MeetAdamChandler.com 

and request a copy of the PDF. If you’d like, please include one goal you have for 2014.

Thats it! I’ll reply to your email with the PDF attached!

By the way… I realize that you are reading this on my blog and it may not be Friday when you read it…

If you request the PDF today, Friday March 14th you will get a reply today… If you request it after today it might take a little longer…

I hope this gift helps you conquer your own procrastination so you can hit even your most ambitious goals in both your business and your personal life… Enjoy!

Have an awesome weekend and happy Free Stuff Friday 🙂

Adam Chandler

“Giving you cool free stuff every Friday…. Stay tuned!”

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