From PB&J and Ramen Noodles to Lobster and Fruta Del Mar…

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More on that in just a minute… 

First I want to share a quick story  with you about the past few days of my life and some of the realizations I’ve had….

My girlfriend Melissa and I just celebrated her 30th birthday which basically lasted from this past Thursday through this weekend…

You only turn 30 once right?

Melissa took me skydiving on my 30th birthday this past summer so I had to make sure to give her a birthday experience she would not soon forget!

Thursday we went snowboarding at Copper, MTN. Here in Colorado, which is Melissa’s all-time favorite ski resort..

It was our first real “powder day” of the year and we spent all day skiing shoots and tree runs.

Click the video below to watch the highlights from our powder day at copper MTN.


As you can see it was epic!

After skiing all day we checked into our hotel  at Glennwood Springs which is a very cool area of the Rocky Mountains with natural hot mineral springs… I had arranged a Sweedish massage for both of us at the hotel and we sipped champaign in the room afterwards…

How am I doing so far ladies?

After that we took a dip in the natural hot springs which felt amazing after a day of skiing and a massage… Later that night we drove to Aspen, Colorado to see one of my favorite bands and Melissa was given a $150 show print for free as a birthday present…

All in all it was an extremely action packed, awesome birthday for Melissa and I scored some serious brownie points!

We spend the next few days eating out and casually celebrating… On Saturday we went with some friends in Denverto an authentic Italian restaurant and shared some fabulous Fruta Del Mar…

And that got me thinking….

It was just a few years ago when my diet consisted of PB&J and top ramen noodles because I couldn’t afford anything else… I treated my body like crap because I was broke!

Over the past few years the network marketing industry has allowed me to substantially increase my income (from 19K in ’09 to 6-figures in ’11) so I can do nice things for people I care about and treat myself (and others) to exceptional experiences and of course GREAT FOOD!

I love awesome new experiences and part of that is great food and I’m so incredibly grateful that my spike in income over the past few years has allowed me to enjoy the little things in life just a little bit more…

Not to mention the ability to be eat healthier and treat my body with the respect it deserves…

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Adam Chandler

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