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Its a bold statement I know but trust me I can deliver…



WARNING: This post contains information about what many would call an unfair advantage for network marketers.



Let me explain…



network marketersIn early 2009 I was about 6 months into my first network marketing business and up to my eyebrows in credit card debt from joining that business…



The business cost 2K just to join…



as well as from buying marketing systems and info products trying to make the business work.



My first online marketing system cost $150 per month to be a member and I was also buying training products ranging from $97-$297.



All with money I didn’t have



I was seriously scared



No income was coming in and I had just lost another job due to corporate downsizing…



One thing that I learned back then was that if you are building a business on a limited or a “shoestring” budget your best bet is to invest in your education and focus on learning new profit producing skills.



So thats exactly what I did.



I was paying very close attention to 2 guys who were crushing it in my business using a concept called “attraction marketing.”



These were young guys, right around my age making 40-50K per month in their flip flops and I wanted their results so I started following them,

watching their youtube videos and modeling my business around theirs.



They announced that they were creating a new generic online marketing system that any network marketer in any business could plug into to build online using the attraction marketing principles they had been using so successfully.



The training in that system was all free marketing strategies, social media and web 2.0 stuff like youtube hubpages and squidoo.



At the time my other marketing system was mostly teaching google pay per click (paid advertising) which was great for members of the system who had a huge marketing budget but not for me at the time as I did not have any cash flow.



I started generating a few leads and even making a few sales here and there..



In fact the first person who joined me in the new generic marketing system also joined my company and I had my first ever one thousand dollar day!



Funny side note: Even though I was far from being out of debt at that point and lightyears away from this elusive thing I kept hearing about called “profit,” when I made my first thousand dollars in a day online I knew I would  never have another job for the rest of my life.



I’m proud to report that my last JOB ended in late 2008, a little over 4 years ago ; )



So this new attraction marketing and lead generation system was working for me and the system creators had 2 of their friends, another couple of very successful marketers on one of their Wednesday night webinars.



These 2 guys had created a 1.8 million dollar business in 18 months all with 100% free marketing strategies like twitter and youtube.



They announced that they were doing a 90 day challenge coaching and accountability program and charging $997 for members of the newly created system.



I knew that 90 days of coaching and accountability was exactly the kick in the pants I required to get the results I wanted in my business.



Somehow, with the help of a 3 month payment option I came up with the money and joined the 90 day challenge.



And that is when my business really started to take off. I was put into an “accountability team” with 3 other marketers.



Finally I had a support group who were going through the same process I was.



I learned that I wasn’t the only one who was having technical difficulties and I stopped  feeling like I was stupid for having them.



It was the first time up to that point that I actually felt like I knew exactly what I needed to do next to move my business forward and get results.



I’d be lying if I told you everything was peachie in my business and it was smooth sailing from that point forward.



I’ve experienced a lot of ups and downs in my business since then.



But I’m sure that if I hadn’t joined that original challenge and taken that chance and invested in myself and my education that I would not  still be in business today. I would have probably spent myself right out of business and been forced to get a job.



And the last few years of my life has been one amazing experience after another.



I’ve traveled all over north America for marketing events, speaking opportunities and free vacations, one of which being a free 7 day cruise to Jamaica and a few other places that I just got back from less than a week ago.



Other marketers in the system at the time did not join the challenge and many of them quit the system, their business and the industry..



Never to return again



Would their fate have been similar to mine if they had taken the same chance I did back in early 2009?






Maybe not



Who knows



What I do know is that the 90 day challenge I joined back then gave me and my business what I consider an “unfair advantage.”



And its because of that unfair advantage that I’ve been able to live the dream of real freedom in the home business profession while countless

others have failed.



And now, in January of 2013 you have the opportunity to stack in the deck in your favor and create an unfair advantage over millions of other network marketers who will never read this message.



Watch this video now to learn about my all new100 day biz builder challenge, which is actually the 4th biz builder challenge I’ve hosted over the past couple years.



Members of past challenges have reported getting leads online and making sales for the first time ever.



One challenger reported taking his blog traffic from a few hundred visitors a month to over 20 thousand visitors per month in the 100 day




I’m not going to get into all the details about  the challenge in this email but you can learn all about it when you watch this video now.



I will tell you that you won’t be paying anywhere near a thousand dollars to join the challenge like I did.



These previous biz builder challenges and the one we have coming up in the very near future were inspired by my first 90 day challenge that gave me that unfair advantage back in 2009.



You deserve that kind of advantage in your own business and thats why I’m giving you the opportunity to have it now in 2013.



To your success and your future freedom!



Your closer than you may think ; )



Talk soon,




P.S. Aside from watching this video you can get more info on the 2013 100 day biz builder challenge by checking out this blog post from

yesterday. Leave me a comment on either the video or the blog post if  you have questions or if you want to let me know that your excited

about the upcoming 100 day biz builder challenge!



Adam Chandler

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