Pics From My Free Cruise To Grand Cayman Jamaica and Haiti

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Just got back from my free 7 day cruise to Grand Cayman, Jamaica and Haiti!

How did I win this free 7 day cruise you ask? I won it simply by promoting a 10 million dollar free silver giveaway

Today’s post contains links to live trainings this week that you do not want to miss, and some pics and stories from my 7 day trip to Jamaica, Grand Cayman and Labadee Haiti!

free cruise to grand cayman jamaica and haitiSee P.S. line for a bunch of pics…

I also share details about how I won this epic free vacation to the eastern caribbean….

My 7 day cruise ended yesterday morning and I spent all day yesterday in Fort Lauderdale, Florida where it was 79 degrees…

When my flight landed in Denver the other night it was a bone chilling negative 2 degrees!


Not going to lie, I could’ve used a few more days of “beach weather” before I came back to the frozen tundra of Colorado but I like winter so its cool : )

And I’ll be hanging out at my summit county ski condo and snowboarding at Breck or Vail in a few days and thats super important to me and simply not possible in Florida : )

So this was my second free cruise that I won by sponsoring and recruiting people into my MLM company and my 3rd free vacation I’ve won in the past 13 months..

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Pretty cool, huh?

Out of all the trips this one was by far the best!

We had an awesome group, about 100 of us.. All serious network marketing leaders dead set on living the dream via the home business industry!

We cruised on the largest ship in the Royal Caribbean fleet… It was massive. Requiring 400 + employees to service the 4,500 guests on board.

The food was spectacular as well…. But the ports were the best part.

The beautiful beach at Labadee, Haiti was by far my favorite… About 60 of us from our group went snorkeling off of a catamaran and then about 20 from that group went swimming at a private beach there…

Here’s a quick pic of Labadee:

Jamaica was also very cool of course…..

We hopped on a bus and drove out to Montego Bay.. The bus ride was cool because we got to see some of the countryside and saw the very very rich side of Jamaica as well as the very very poor side…

Didn’t see much of a middle class there and gas was $10 a gallon… Coincidence?

Possible future for the US?


That was a learning experience and Montego Bay as well as Jamaica as a whole was absolutely beautiful. See pics below.

The first port we landed at was Grand Cayman which was also a ton of fun..

We found a hole in the wall restaurant for lunch which was awesome and tried their famous pepperpot soup… A mouth watering spicy green vegetable soup…

Possibly the best soup I’ve ever had at Miss Eileen’s restaurant : )

Next time you are in the Cayman islands I suggest you check it out!

After that we went to 7 mile beach and drank a bunch of beers… That was fun.

We had 2 “days at sea” where we laid by the pool, swam and did some other fun cruise activities.

We met a few times as a company and did some trainings in the “pyramid lounge” which everyone thought was very funny..

Going on a trip like that was a great way to start the new year and makes me super motivated to crush it in my business so

I can have more experiences like this throughout the year and the rest of my life.

And I hope this info motivates you to take your business to the next level by showing you whats possible when youtake your business seriously, invest in your education as an entrepreneur and follow people who are living the dream in the network marketing industry.

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Talk soon,


P.S. Here are a bunch of pics from my free 7 day cruise to Jamaica, Grand Cayman and Labadee Haiti…

Montego Bay, Jamaica

Looking like a celebrity for my testimonial for our free silver giveaway
Our Jamaican hat party in the owners suite. Day 2 at sea

Partying it up with fellow cruisers on Grand Cayman
Our massive ship towering over buildings in Jamaica
Drinking a red stripe beer at a bar in Montego Bay, Jamaica
Leaving Jamaica with a fruity drink in hand
Shanna and me on the catamaran in Labadee, Haiti
Epic pic from the port at Labadee
Last night on the ship… Numis get together at the Dog and Badger onboard pub 
The inside of our massive ship at night, the “independence of the seas”
Adam Chandler

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