[Free Stuff Friday] “Miracles Manual” PDF Guide for Radical Life Improvement

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Welcome to Free Stuff Friday!


Where every Friday I give you some of my best resources for turning you into a marketing and profit pulling powerhouse…. For Free!


So I often give Free Stuff Friday gifts that are inspired by something that I’m currently learning or by SOMEONE that I’m learning from…


Recently I revisited one of the first books I read when I started my journey as an internet marketer and entrepreneur back in 2008.


1338378The book is called “Hypnotic Writing” by Dr. Joe Vitale.


If you don’t know the name, Joe Vitale was featured in the movie “The Secret….”


So he is obviously really into “the law of attraction” but he’s also one of the best marketing copywriters that I know of.


I’ve been really excited to revisit Hypnotic Writing because the last time I read it, I wasn’t really doing any copywriting…


Now, 5 Years later I’ve written over 1,500 broadcast messages to my email list subscribers, as well as a ton of blog posts and an eBook!


And I know now, that even though I will be reading the same book again, it will be a new experience because I will be reading it with  “new eyes.”


…..Another book that I own by Joe Vitale is called “The Attractor Factor” 


…Real quick story about the attractor factor then I’ll give you your Free Stuff Friday gift! By the way I fully realize that because I posted this to my blog (originally it was a broadcast message to my email list), that you may not be reading it on a Friday and thats totally cool…


dr_joe_vitale3I want to share how powerful Joe’s stuff can be if you apply it to your life…


Again when I started my business back in ’08 I picked up and read Joe’s book, “The Attractor Factor” 


Joe likes to encourage you to write in his books and he asked to write a paragraph or two about what your ideal life would look like…


So I did… Then I put the book away and it sat on my bookshelf for many years, without being picked up again.


Somehow It ended up coming with me on a Cruise at the beginning of 2012 that I won for recruiting people into my MLM biz.


I must have grabbed it with the intention of re-reading it on the ship.


When I re-opened the book, after about 4 years and read that paragraph that I had totally forgotten about…


…My jaw dropped!


I almost couldn’t believe it…


Every single thing I had written about what I wanted in my ideal life to look like had come true.


I wrote that I wanted to produce a minimum of 10K per month consistently in my business and that had happened.


I wrote that I wanted to be in an exciting relationship with a beautiful woman and that had happened.


I wrote that i wanted to travel the world and when I re-read the words, I was on a freckin’ cruise ship in the Caribbean!


expect miracles-pictureId=11537445&asGalleryImage=trueWhen I wrote this stuff I hadn’t made a dime in my business… There was no logical reason for me to believe that any of this was even close to possible for me at the time, but Joe asked me to suspend my disbelief and I did….


…..And it worked!


Pretty cool, huh?


The point here is that this stuff works….


Expect miracles and miracles will show up…


So here’s the gift from Dr. Joe Vitale… And me, of course, brought to you by Free Stuff Friday… 🙂


Its a PDF transcription of a coaching sessions with Joe and one of his coaching students.


You will see how Joe teaches his student lessons like,


  • How to stay positive when you are surrounded by negative people
  • How to improve a self image
  • How to help others… and of course
  • How to attract more money in your life


Its all here in “The Miracles Manuel” by Dr. Joe Vitale


Click Here Now for your free copy!


Enjoy the free profit producing resource, have an awesome weekend and happy Free Stuff Friday 🙂


Adam Chandler


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