Forever Living Distributors – Who’s making money? Who’s not?

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forever living distributorsForever living distributors are network marketers who market health and wellness products through the direct selling industry. This means that the business is built on word of mouth and referral marketing rather than traditional advertising methods like television and newspaper advertising. The advantage of being a forever living distributor is that you get a piece of the market share of the company for your own as well as your teams production. The purpose of his article is to give forever living distributors other options for recruiting and team building outside of the “warm market” of family and friends.

WARNING: Forever Living is a legitimate company with high quality products and great leadership.. But without understanding effective business and marketing strategies ANY Network Marketer is toast in this dynamic, highly competitive industry!


The forever living business opportunity allows forever living distributors the ability to build a lucrative home based business in the multi-billion dollar health and wellness niche and beauty niche. The major appeal to network marketing or direct selling is that you can create a business where you get paid a small percentage of the production of a large number of people and create a life changing walk-away residual income.

Forever living distributors who are looking to create life altering walk-away income must focus on attracting serious business builders and not just product customers. The forever living product line can absolutely help people to experience a better quality of life, but for any network marketer to create walk-away residual income they must learn to attract serious business leaders and not just product customers.

The forever living business opportunity as well as many other companies in the network marketing industry teach their representatives to create a list of their family and friends to “pitch” the forever living business opportunity to. This is effective because you have an established relationship with these people. Remember network marketing is a relationship business. The forever distributor who wants to build their business online must remember this fact.

A stranger is not going to join your aloe vera business opportunity just because you have one. Even if it’s a great opportunity like Forever living. Forever living distributors who want to build their business using online marketing strategies must first work on building the relationship then on recruiting into the business.

We achieve this result through leading with low cost educational based affiliate products, NOT a business opportunity. Once the trust is established then the questions can be asked, “do you keep your options open when comes to generating income outside of your_________ business?”

There is a time to ask this question and it is most effective to ask once the customer has already been established. They then see you as the leader and the authority and will be much more likely to view your aloe vera business opportunity presentation or your forever living website.

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