Become your own financial planner!

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financial plannerLet me preface this by saying that there are many GREAT financial planners and financial advisors who truly have your best interest at heart!

But it blows my mind how many people will blindly hand there money over to someone because they are a “certified financial planner.” Someone toted to be the “expert.” The fact is that there are many certified financial planners who are not much better off, and in many cases WORSE off financially than those they are advising.  Yet people will still hand there money over to them because they believe they are, “not good at managing money” or they just don’t want to deal with it.

I’m sure many people don’t really realize that certified financial planner ‘s are commissioned sales reps for the institutions they serve.

There are actually a lot of people who profit massively by keeping you and I in the dark about money. The more you and I think the subject of money is “too complicated,” or “too boring,” the more wolves of big business can take advantage of us.

In the dark days of American slavery it was actually illegal to teach slaves how to read because an educated slave was believed to be dangerous. Ignorance is used to keep people slaves even to this day. Keeping people ignorant to the subject of money by leaving financial education out of schools creates a disempowered race of complacent people who are fine with handing there money over to the businesses of the ultra rich.

Ok I’m going off on a tangent again.. Let me get back on track.

Albert Einstein said, “the significant problems we face cannot be solved by using the same level of thinking we were at when we created them.”

Therefore the major financial problems we are seeing right now are not going to be solved with government intervention or printing more dollars, but with education. Since there is not now and most likely will not be any financial education taught in schools anytime soon, it is up to us to teach ourselves and each other. To begin to take responsibility four our past present and future financial situations.

Find a certified financial planner

To find a certified financial planner all you need to do is a simple online search with the name of your city attached to the end. For example, “find a certified financial planner in Denver Colorado.” However when you find this person ask to see their investment portfolio before you agree to anything! Find out what their annual rate of return has been over the past 5 years and they refuse to show it to you, RUN! You could find a certified financial planner who is open and willing to show you his returns and if they are what you are looking for, great! Sign on the dotted line but only after doing your homework. Many financial planners will tell you that the stock market on average yields an 8% annual rate of return and that is a good return on your investment. Many people with little or no financial education would blindly follow this advise. I personally believe since I have studied money and the economy that an 8% return is crap! My friends, mentors and I invest for infinite returns by starting and building businesses and investing in cash flowing assets.

How to find the best financial advisor

I believe that you should become your own financial planner. However if you still don’t want to take responsibility here are some tips on how to find the best financial advisor. How to find the best financial advisor will come down to what it is exactly that you are looking to do. If you are looking for security over the long term than interview and find the best financial advisor who can provide less risky investments. If you are looking for true financial freedom in a shorter period of time more risk will most likely be involved. Again ask to see his/her portfolio over the past 5 years and if they have not produced returns that you are looking for tell them politely to have a nice day and kick them out of your house, (if you are in a coffee shop or other meeting place just leave).

If you are serious about learning to become your own financial planner and having the final say in any decision regarding YOUR MONEY than you will need to be educated. I suggest reading authors like Robert Kiyosaki and T. Harv Eker. on the topics of business and investing as well as David Bach on the topic of financial planning.

If you are looking to create wealth in a shorter amount of time I suggest you read my other blog post on the massive transfer of wealth that is taking place right now!

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