Facebook PPC | The New Online Gold Rush

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Back in the early days of google in 2002 and 2003 I was just finishing up with college and I knew absolutely nothing about business, marketing or entrepreneurship.. The marketers that knew what they were doing back then and even up to 2007 and 2008 basically had a license to print money. It was an unlimited source of ultra targeted traffic on the number 1 most visited website on the internet. It was truly an online gold rush and it is just now fizzling out..

I started learning internet marketing in June of 2007 and my marketing system at the time employed someone who was recognized as one of the top ten pay per click experts in the world. She was a brilliant marketer with a unique brand. She was known as the urban cowgirl and she made several clever metaphors about google being the wild west and the new frontier.

For many marketers it was a true gold rush and many entrepreneurs who knew what they were doing back then are currently retired and living on the beaches of the world.

Although I made some money with google ppc for about a year I missed the google gold rush.

However, there is currently a new powerhouse marketing medium on the scene that is quickly becoming the 2,000 pound gurela in the room.

Facebook PPC aka Facebook pay per click. All the google experts including the urban cowgirl are referring to facebook as the new online gold rush saying facebook PPC is now where google ppc was back in the early 2000’s. That means that for those of us who learn how to tame this beast will be putting ourselves in a very profitable position in the years to come.

Now most newbie marketers have no idea of the magnitude of the situation we now have on our hands or the untapped potential of this medium. I understand it because I literally saw people with no special skills other than the willingness to learn getting filthy rich on google during the tail end of the google gold rush. And we are witnessing the birth of the facebook gold rush when is still in its infancy.

Are you getting excited yet?

I pretty much missed the last online gold rush and I’m sure as hell not going to miss this one. I believe phenomenas like this will continue to happen online over the coming years.  Those of us with the courage to take action will be able to ride the waves of prosperity that they will bring in their wake.

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