ENGAGEMENT – Multiplying Sales Conversions (Part 2 of 3)

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Welcome to part 2 of this 3 part series on increasing your influence with your audience and getting more of your prospects to take action. Those actions could include subscribing to your email list, following you on social media and/or buying from you to increase your sales and profitability. 


Part 1 was all about capturing their Attention. Because unless you have their attention you have nothing. Its the vital first piece of the influence puzzle…


You can review part one right here….


“ATTENTION – Multiplying Sales Conversions (Part 1 of 3)” 


Now that your prospects have given you the gift of their attention which is probably the most precious gift a stranger can give you in todays connected world, you must keep their attention by engaging with them.


Engagement is a way to create rapport with your prospects. And anything is possible in the presence of rapport. When you have established rapport with your audience, 90% of the battle has already been won!


You’ve likely seen successful marketers do this in a variety of different ways…


Have you ever been on a webinar and the presenter asked you to raise your hand if you agree with a statement they just made?


Have you ever been on watching a YouTube video where you were asked to subscribe to the channel or leave a comment below the video?


Have you ever been reading a blog post where the author asked a series of questions to keep you moving through the content? : )


All of these are examples of engagement.


Render of a AIDA Marketing Concept.Lets have a look at the online sales funnel… What is a sales funnel?


…..Its a series of commitments that start small and gradually get bigger until you’ve either run out of things to sell or exhausted the prospects ability to buy. One of the first commitments is often “opting-in” with an email address to receive something for free. When you do this the prospect is essentially raising their hand and saying, YES, I am interested in that topic.


Once they’ve made that small commitment they are engaged with you. At least more so than the guy who saw the offer and didn’t opt-in right?


When they buy something they are much more engaged. And if you nurture the relationship from there by keeping them engaged, you could have a customer for life.


Its 10 times easier to sell an existing customer another “thing” than it is to acquire a new customer.


For years I made the mistake of focusing entirely on getting new customers (signups into my online system) rather than offering other ways for my existing customers to go deeper into my funnel. I was still able to get my customers to buy other stuff, but I didn’t realize how key this was to rapid business growth.


Let me explain…


Person A could have 100 customers in their online system and that could produce a few thousand dollars a month in income. So they’ve made a full-time income from 100 customers. Good for them! However, person B, who really understands leverage, could turn those same 100 customers into a multiple 6-figure income. They would do this by either offering a high-end coaching program, or selling a higher ticket product, or simply nurturing the relationship and continuing to make offers specific to those 100 buyers.


If some of these concepts are foreign to you, don’t worry about it… Some of what I’m talking about here is pretty advanced.


The following 3 strategies are ways to get your prospects and audience members more engaged with you, so you can move them further down the conversion process….


Curiosity-Quotes-81Use Curiosity: 


Curiosity is a powerful motivator and influence tool. A lot of times, even when someone is skeptical, they will take click a link, opt-in, or even buy a low ticket product simply because they’re curious. When I joined my first home business in 2008 I joined an online system where you first had to submit an application for the price of $35. Even though I was skeptical, I was so damn intrigued and curios about what was going to happen next that I paid the $35 application fee and became an “engaged prospect.” The next thing I knew I was borrowing $2,000 to get started in my first direct sales company.


Example – In my experience with email marketing, some of my most effective subject lines are pure curiosity like, “I’m sorry,” or “Did you see this?”


Many people can’t help but click on a subject line like the “i’m sorry” line because they’re so curious about why i’m apologizing. The “I’m sorry” subject line is incredibly effective for getting people to open emails but just make sure not to over do it or you will desensitize your list. Remember the boy who cried wolf?


Ask Lots of Questions:


In any type of content marketing or email marketing or anything that involves copywriting, one of the best ways to keep your readers engagement is by asking lots of questions. If you regularly read my blog content or my emails you’ll notice I use lots of little sentence fragment questions like.. “make sense?” and “pretty cool right?” This is a way to keep the reader engaged and moving through the content. Make sense?


Use Open Loops:


lostending8This is an extremely powerful marketing concept. Hollywood does this all the time. Think about some of the most popular recent TV shows like “The Walking Dead,” or  “Breaking Bad.” The hit series “Lost” was a master of using open loops too… Every time the show answered one question they would ask 2 more. So it kept the audience extremely curious and constantly on the edge of their seat wanting more. Its human nature to want things to be completed before we move on. We hate unanswered questions and we really hate things to be incomplete in our minds.



Example – Here’s a really cool way you can do this with video marketing… Say the title of the video is something like, “3 ways to (fill in the blank).” Share the first 2 topics and then say something like, “you know what, I’ve changed my mind…. this video is running a little long and to be respectful of your time I’m going to save the 3rd tip for my next video… so subscribe to my channel now and I’ll see you next time.”


You can also use open loops in email marketing by using a P.S. line and saying something like, “stay tuned to my emails because tomorrow I’m going to share something really cool about XYZ fill in the blank topic”


Pretty cool right?


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