Email Marketing Tips for Profit Conscious Affiliate Marketers

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If you’ve been building an email subscriber list and you want to maximize the asset… And who wouldn’t right?

I mean seriously… Either you’ve built your email list through paid advertising which has cost you money, or you’ve built it through content marketing which has cost you time.. And money… Or a combination of both.

email marketing tipsEither way, your list is your biggest asset in your business and its you want to maximize the sales and the ROI you get from the asset right?

This post will share some simple email marketing tips for doubling your email open rates, click through rates and affiliate sales… Oh yeah I almost forgot to mention.. This post is specifically for affiliate marketers! Not that these techniques won’t work for any other small business or home based business owners, but affiliates will certainly get the most out of it…

I recently did a couple of email marketing tests to to my own subscriber list and I almost doubled open rates and clicks to my affiliate offer in the process. The first test I did was basically to show the strategy. This is a simple email marketing tip and if you use it in your email marketing you will nearly double your results every single time… And it only takes about 2 minutes.

Watch the first video where I share the strategy.. Then I will share another video where I showcase the results and take the strategy a step further. Click the play icon to watch video 1 right now

Simple strategy right?

Your simply segmenting your email list and sending the same message with a different subject line to everyone who didn’t open the first email. This gets an entirely new group who wouldn’t otherwise have seen your message to take a look…. Which of course could result in a ton of new sales that wouldn’t otherwise have happened.

I originally learned this technique from a mentor of mine who is a 7-figure online marketer and he described it as though your email list was a damp wash cloth. When you implement these email marketing tips its like twisting the wash cloth and squeezing every drop of value from the asset.

Watch video 2 by clicking the play icon below to see the results from the strategy and to take it one step further

Affiliate Marketers:

As you saw in the video we were able to almost double the people opening the email from two hundred and something to over 500 opens in both situations… We also drove up the number of clicks to the affiliate offer from 60-70 to well over 100 clicks, which can mean the difference in several more sales.

Based on the amount clicks that I got and the amount of leads I generated to the new affiliate offer, i found out that I converted traffic to lead at a rate of about 38%. So for every 100 people who saw the offer, 38 people took the first action in the funnel by entering their email address on the site.

A 38%  opt-In rate is an amazing front-end conversion! Most affiliate capture pages convert between 10% and 15% if they are really good. We are tripling that rate first because its my email list, so many of my subscribers know, like and trust me… Do you see the difference between this and completely cold traffic? The second reason is because its a dead-sexy offer for affiliate marketers.

I mention in the video that my email open rates are way down, as they are for all affiliate marketers across the board.  From the complete newbie to even the best marketers in the world and everyone in between.

Email marketing is getting less and less effective and its obvious why. Take a look at some of these statistics…

  • 21% of email recipients report email as Spam, even if they know it isn’t
  • 69% of email recipients report email as Spam based solely on the subject line
  • Email open rates fell from an average of 40% in 2009 to less than 20% in 2012.
  • 30% of email subscribers change email addresses annually

People today often have several email addresses which means less and less of your “email only” messages are getting through to your prospects.

email marketing for affiliate marketersHowever, those same people have only one mobile phone! 

As responsible profit conscious entrepreneurs and affiliate marketers we have to look at situations like this and ask a couple questions.

1.) Can I continue to get my message in front of the same amount of prospects if email marketing continues to be my primary means of communicating with them? Or will I have to twice as much work (or more) to get my message in front of the same amount of prospects? 

2.)  Is there an opportunity here for me as an affiliate marketer to capitalize on this growing problem that faces every single internet marketer on the planet? 

Personally, I refuse to ignore this profit-sucking problem anymore!

That is why, in 2014 I am growing my “mobile list” along with my email list and recommending that other entrepreneurs do the same if they want to thrive in the new ‘mobile world.’

This is a growing trend in marketing that can no longer be ignored.

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