Email Marketing for Fun and Profit – Part 1

Hey there! Are you building an email list?


Or at least attempting to get people to subscribe or opt-in to your list by promoting some type of lead capture page?


You should be…. Especially since in home business you don’t really own anything!


You’re not on the board of directors for your company and you have ZERO say in what the company does. They could go out of business tomorrow and there’s nothing you could do about it. Or, for a plethora of different reasons you could decide that you want to join a new business in 5 years, or next year, or next month.


The point is, it makes sense to build your own list that you own and you control.


I personally built a network marketing organization for 3 and a half years before the company decided they didn’t want to be an MLM anymore… Had I only focused on building a downline and not a “real” business where I owned and controlled my own assets like my own brand and my own prospect database, (my email list), I would have had to get a real job and go back to my old life of fighting rush hour traffic just to sit in a mind numbing cubicle for 8 hours every day. Thank god I was smart enough to build my list!


Because of this, when my network marketing company went down, I was actually able to join a new business, create a few ads and broadcast a few emails to my list and I very quickly became the #1 recruiter and income earner in that company. Click Here to get your hands on the exact 3 part email message series I used to recruit and make sales from my email list.


So you are building your own email list… Great!


You’ve probably purchased training on how to do Facebook ads or how to use social media to grow your email list and you are investing valuable time and money into getting people to opt-in…. Also very smart!


However, if your like most, you don’t know the first thing about how to get someone to buy or join you in your business or marketing system, once they opt-in. Or you are relying on some out of date follow up series that your company or system provided that is completely generic and makes you look like a total amateur. Not good!


If you’re investing valuable time and money to get them to opt-in, doesn’t it just make sense to maximize sales conversions and your ROI (return on investment) on the other side? If so, then you need to take email marketing seriously!


That is why I’m creating this training series… “Email Marketing for Fun and Profits!”


Because when you get good at email marketing, you can do fun things like win affiliate contests and recruiting contests in your company… You can sponsor at will, make sales and launch new products and sales funnels whenever you want… When you have consistent traffic and leads and you get good at communicating with your list, this whole home business thing becomes super fun and extremely profitable!


Are you ready to maximize your sales conversions and profits in your business using just the power of the written word?


Lets start by creating eye popping email subject lines..


Because lets face it, your subscribers are getting email messages from many many different marketers. It is a battle to stand out from the crowd and get their attention… A BATTLE! And if they’re not opening your emails, nothing else matters!


I’ll get back to creating subject lines in just a minute…


First, watch this video about creating your communication game plan with your list… Because, you can’t just send your email subscribers one offer after another… You have to provide value in the form of content.


[Tweet “”Effective Marketing Is About Putting the Right Message In Front of the Right Person At the Right Time” -Dan Kennedy”]


So this video will give you some insights as far as the frequency of when to send valuable content vs. sales offers so your list will consistently buy from you and look forward to your messages because of the value you’re adding to their lives and businesses.


Kinda like i’m doing with you right now.. See how that works? 🙂

Cool, now lets talk subject lines!


When I deliver content to my list I like to use “content indicators” like, [New Video] or [New Blog Post] and then follow it with the title of the content. [Free Video] Also works pretty well or [WEBINAR], or [LIVE Training] to promote a webinar or live event.


Subject line “grabbers” work really well too.. These are attention getting words like,







Negative subject lines are among the best for getting your prospects attention, but be careful not to over do it, or your list will become desensitized.


People like bad news… Its just part of being human I guess.


Why do you think TV new stations are filled with stories about whats wrong with the world? Because thats what sells advertising, period!


Here are some examples of “negative subject lines”


“Bad news”

“I’m sorry”

“Those liars”

“Those bastards”

“Don’t take it personally, but…”

“This is controversial…”




Another factor that make these subject lines stand out and get a lot of attention is that they are short and punchy!



Subject lines that are only 2 or 3 words will usually get higher open rates than the ones that drag on. If your subject line is too long it tends to blend in… Not good! Your subject lines must stand out from the crowd if you want to rise above the noise in your subscribers inbox.


Curiosity is among the most powerful influence triggers and one of my favorite “go to” methods for creating eye popping email subject lines… Its right up there with “urgency based subject lines” or “scarcity based subject lines,” except “curiosity” is more universal, because you can only use urgency and scarcity in certain circumstances…


Watch this video to see examples of “curiosity based” subject lines


Click here to access the 101 eye popping email subject lines PDF as well as other powerful resources for maximizing your email sales conversions


Okay i’m going to go ahead and wrap this thing up….


Remember this is only part 1 of this 3 part series on maximizing your sales conversions with email marketing…


Want access to the exact 3 part email message series I’ve used to win affiliate contests, automate sales and signups and become the #1 producer in my company?


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