How to Create More Ease, Speed and Pleasure in Your Business

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Ease speed and pleasureWe live in a microwave society where we want it ALL and we want it NOW! Some people want to teach us that that’s somehow wrong. That good things come only to those who wait. I say that’s total BS.

We live in the 21st century and at the dawning of a new era where the world is literally at our fingertips. It is called the information age. Why shouldn’t we have more money, more fun, more free time, more relationships, more whatever, fill in the blank?..

Well if you’re anything like me and you want more of those things, I’m going to explain to you how to get it.

My explaination of how to have more ease, speed and pleasure in your business is actually going to be so simple that many of you will immediately reject it and it may even offend some of you. If it does offend some of you I just want you to know that I’m ok with that and I promise you will get over it.

Are you ready? Here it is..

Expect it!

Stupid simple right? Its so simple in fact that I’m sure many people already hit the little X button in the corner of the screen and are now back on facebook checking to see if they have any new messages..

People will bend over backwards and even lie to themselves repeatedly to ensure that the world aligns with what they believe. Go back and read that again if you have to because when you really understand this you can open your eyes to a wold of possibility that exists right under your nose.

If you believe something to be hard it will be hard. If you believe the same thing to be easy it will show up in your reality as easy. Maybe not right away but eventually it will. I’ll describe some practical ways of doing this in just a minute. I see people all the time talking themselves right out of success by using language like, “my leads suck,” I’m not very good with computers,” “no one has any money,” “I’m no good with sales,” and all kinds of other ‘struggle talk’ that basically leads to more struggle so they can continue to be right and avoid success.

Why would anyone want to avoid success?

Simply put.. fear!

Even though you might consciously say that you want to make a lot of money and be more successful you probably have deeply rooted FALSE beliefs that becoming successul will mean that your friends and loved ones will resent you and abandon you. It actually comes from fear of abandonment that was instilled in you when you were a baby and before you knew any better.

Okay lets get back on track before I go too far off into left field.

Give yourself some time to accept this idea

“I allow myself to discover the easiest, fastest and best way to make the most money with the least amount of human effort and zero guilt”

A mentor of mine went from making $250K per year and working 7 days a week to making half a million dollars a year and working 4 days a week in just 1 year by asking himself this question repeatedly. He simply allowed himself to expect ease, speed and pleasure in his business and thats what eventually showed up.

Action Steps

Do yourself a favor and think about a few ways in which your business, or some aspect of your life is a little off at the present time. Then instead speaking it into existence, “spin it” and write down positive statements with an expectation of ease, speed and pleasure.

For example: If the belief is, “my leads suck,” or, “no one is signing up with me”

Change that to: “I am on the verge of discovering a powerful source of new leads and new clients for my business. I am discovering new ways of securing new business faster and with less effort. I’m also on the verge of discovering new ways of generating more income from my existing clients in ways that benefit me monetarily and benefit the client by the amount of value they receive. I’m also becoming better at finding and creating win win situations.”

Also adopt this as your new montra. Say it in front of the mirror and while in the shower. Write it down in a journal daily“I allow myself to discover the easiest, fastest and best way to make the most money with the least amount of human effort and zero guilt”

As you can tell I’m a big fan of changing language as a way to transform your limiting beliefs and create positive results. This is because of the transformation I have experienced as a direct result. Changes in language lead to BIG changes in behavior. And of course changes in behavior leads to changes in results.

Improve your “self talk” and I promise it won’t be long before your results change drastically.

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Adam Chandler

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