Profile Of A Champion: Meet Doug DeMercurio

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This post is all about highlighting the leadership and accomplishment of Mr. Doug DeMercurio.

I have had the pleasure of working with Doug for about 2 years now in our primary company, Numis Network as well as in our online marketing/lead generation system MLSP. Doug is climbing the ranks in both programs and is well on his way to creating an empire in network marketing and a bullet proof residual income that will last for decades.

At 61 years old Doug is a marathon runner, a husband, a father of two grown up kids, a chef, a network marketer, an entrepreneur and a savvy internet marketer.

He knows that even though he is good at internet marketing, he must connect with people on the phone and in person in order to build a thriving network marketing organization. And unlike many internet marketers he doesn’t hide behind his computer and he takes the success of his team members very seriously. Rather than the “now that I have your money you’ll never hear from me again” motto of many internet marketers.

Unlike many “older” people. Sorry Doug but you are twice my age ; ).

Lets just use the word “wise” instead..


Unlike many “wiser” people Doug doesn’t let his age or his past dictate or determine his results in the present. Many “wiser” people use things like age as a crutch and a justification for their failure or for their lack of trying in the first place. And they complain about technology and social media being a “younger mans game.”

Not Doug!

Doug has embraced the internet and social media and technology as what they are. Tools to get to a desired result!

Here’s Why Doug is Successful

1.) Doug embraces change rather than resists it the way many other baby boomers do. (Sorry boomers for the generalization but for the most part its a fact). He isn’t clinging to a world that no longer exists. He is adaptable. In my opinion this is one of the main reasons Doug is as successful as he is.

2.) A commitment to investing in himself and his education through honing his marketing and entrepreneurial skills and growing himself through personal development. Aside from investing in information training products he has been to 2 Numis Universities; 1 national Numis convention in Orlando (just last month); and will be attending his second “Live the Dream.”

3.) Persistance. I mentioned that Doug has been on my Numis team for 2 years. Most of that time he was not “tearing up the leaderboards” the way he is right now. Same with MLSP. Doug understands that you do not always “reap” in the same season that you “sow.” While others will do something for a few months and then say “well I guess that didn’t work.” Doug persists. He has vision that drives him forward and allows him to overcome obstacles that stop others in their tracks.

Accomplishments of Doug DeMercurio

From Left to Right: Doug DeMercurio, Tom Merkey, Jake Kevorkian, Adam Chandler

I mentioned that Doug is a husband, father, chef, restaurant owner and a whole bunch of other things right?

Although those are awesome accomplishments I want to highlight some of things Doug has been able to accomplish in the past couple of years. Most of which has happened recently.

  • Doug is about 2 sign ups away from hitting L3 in MLSP. A leadership level that less than 5% of people in the system have hit.
  • He has reached the rank of 3 star manager in Numis with his sights firmly set on 4 star manager which will put him in the top 3% of that very competitive network marketing company.
  • He is about 2 points away from qualifying for our “National Expansion Team” and “independence Cruise” to Jamaica and Grand Cayman in January. We are still very early on in that qualification contest and i’m proud to say that Doug will most likely qualify for that trip before anyone on our team, even myself ; ). He will most likely be qualified by the time you read this.
  • Doug spoke on stage at “the Mile High MLM Mastermind” event in Denver, Colorado in June of 2012 and wowed attendees with his mindset training.
  • Doug sponsored several new team members lately and has helped his new team members “Silver Eagle Qualify” in their first 7 days. “Silver Eagle” is something we have at Numis when a brand new person recruits 2 executives with a quickness.

Want to work with Doug? I’m not surprised ; )

You can learn more about Doug, connect with him and access some of his awesome training by visiting his blog at:

You can learn more about working with Doug and Myself in Numis by visiting:

Want Doug’s online marketing training to help you build your current business? Check this out: 

Thank you Doug for all that you do for our team and for having the vision to stick with me even when things weren’t on the up-and-up the way they are now!

I look forward to continuing learning building and growing with you as marketers and entrepreneurs for many years to come!

Adam Chandler

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