Triple Your Results by Creating a Solid DMO (Daily Method of Operation) With These 3 Components

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dmo daily method of operationYour success is determined by your daily agenda – John C. Maxwell (Entrepreneur and Leadership Guru)

Do you have a plan in place to help you achieve your goals? Do you even know what your goals are? Are you winging it? Do you find yourself all over the map? Trying one thing one day and another thing the next day? Hopping to eventually get some results?.. STOP! That is entrepreneurial INSANITY and it is holding you back from your potential. This post is designed to help you in putting a plan in place by creating a solid DMO (daily method of operation).

As a network marketer Your DMO should have 3 components.

1.) Personal and professional development

This includes reading books, listening to personal development audios, writing and stating affirmations out loud, as well as attending training calls and live events. Oh yeah and physical exercise! If you don’t think physical exercise will make you a better entrepreneur think about this. How many top producers in your company are overweight smokers?

“Your income will rarely exceed your level of personal development” – Jim Rohn

Personal development is VITAL if you want to move forward. But hey.. its your business.. I don’t have to look at your bank statement every month. You do.

2.) MMA for long term results.

MMA stands for money making activities. As an online network marketer money making activities consist of driving traffic to generate leads and prospecting over the phone. Thats it! 75% of your time you spend on your business must be spent doing MMA. Many networkers spend too much time straightening their desk, which is a metaphor for any activity that is “busy work” which does not produce income. This is a form of procrastination.

A quick side note about procrastinationWe procrastinate on things we fear or consider uncomfortable or painful. If you find yourself procrastinating to attack a certain activity, that is probably the activity that will make you the most money in the long run. If it feels scary or uncomfortable that is all the more reason to do it.

As you face your fear you will, A. realize that is never as bad as you made it out to be in your mind, and B. Your comfort zone will expand and those activities will become second nature and eventually enjoyable. 

OK back to MMA for long term results. Remember MMA stands for money making activities. This is any activity that will produce results fo you tomorrow. Like blogging, article marketing, video marketing, creating pay per click campaigns, forum marketing, etc. Content marketing is a great way drive traffic and generate leads for a long period of time. I’ve made 90 second youtube videos that have made me sales years after producing them and I have one video that took me maybe 2 hours to produce and get ranked on the search engines, that has made me over $25,000 over the past two years. For training on effective content marketing visit

3.) MMA for short term results

Money Making Activities in the short term consist of non-static content and anything that could be considered  two way communications.

What do I mean by non static content? Well if you have an email list, writing a promotional email or a non promotional email that is designed to build your relationship with your list could be considered non static content. It is not static because it is not online for others to see for months and years to come the way blogs, videos and articles are! Make sense? Great!

The ONLY other form of short term MMA are two way communications. My previous example of a promotion email to an email list is an example of a one way communication. It is a very leveraged activity because you are in a sense mass broadcasting to your message to many. Two way communications are any activity where you are communicating on an individual level. Less leverage than a one way communication but often more effective because of the personal touch. Connecting with a prospect on the phone and asking specific questions about the needs of that individual show that person that you care. And of course people do not care how much you know until they know how much you care. You can learn vital information about your prospect that will help you close them if you determine that your product or service can solve or help solve their individual problem.

Connecting with prospects via social media can also fall into this category. However not all social media activities can be considered two way communications. If you simply post a link on your facebook wall that goes to a landing page or a piece of promotional content that is a form of mass broadcasting and one way communication. You are posting it in the HOPES that an unnamed person is going to click on it and take some form of action. Click here to access some free social media training specific to network marketers.

Two way communications via social media mean that you actually connect with a prospect. You engage them in an email conversation or a chat, again to learn more about them and their individual needs.

Daily Method of Operation

Create your daily method of operation using these 3 components  and watch your business transform over time. I can’t tell you exactly how to set up your schedule because we all have different responsibilities in our daily life. However here is a recourse that contains 23 productivity secrets of successful marketers and gives insights on how to create an effective schedule. The last piece of advice I have for you in creating your DMO is to set goals. You must know where you are going if you want to have any chance of getting there. Create production goals on a monthly, weekly and daily basis that cover the 3 components outlined in this post. Attack your goals with the resolve of a lunatic by doing whatever it takes to achieve them!

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 Adam Chandler

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