Discussing Lifestyle Marketing with Mark Harbert on A Train Headed Through the Rocky Mountains

Adam Chandler & Mark Harbert

Man oh man the last couple weeks of my life have been INSANE… In a good way!

I just got back from a marketing event in Las Vegas called “3C,” which stands for Create (Traffic) Capture (Leads) and Convert (Sales). I learned a ton from the event that I’ll be sharing with you over the coming weeks as I implement the strategies in my own business….

Prior to that I hosted my own event, The Mile High Mastermind in Denver, Colorado and following the event me and a group of “VIPs” went on a 2 day trainride into the Rocky Mountains to relax in the Hot Springs in a tiny mountain town called Glenwood Springs. I called the trip “The Colorado Experience” and it was a way for me to bring some of my out of town friends and business associates into “my world” and give them a unique experience of Colorado which included the both the city (of Denver) and the mountains.

All 3 experiences were amazing (the Vegas event, the Denver event and the Colorado experience) but at the same time I am so glad to be home sharing the experiences with you!

This is a video I shot on the trainride through the mountains with my buddy Mark Harbert. Mark and I (both full time marketers of many years) discuss entrepreneurship, digital marketing and the “laptop lifestyle”

Pretty cool right?

Want to see the exact marketing system that Mark and I have used to become top producing marketers in the network marketing and direct selling space?…  All without chasing friends and family members or hosting time consuming home meetings?

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Enjoy and talk soon!


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  • Timothy W. Bethune

    Reply Reply February 3, 2016

    I love The Silverton Exprese in Durango Co. It is nice to be able to choice how to spend your time

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