Direct Selling Recruiting Strategies – Master Sponsoring Series

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Ray Higdon No Excuses SummitSponsoring is the most important part of your business! Its more important than how many leads you generate, its more important than your blogs alexa score and its certainly more important than how many twitter followers you have. As you read this entire article think about how your results could  drastically increase when you master sponsoring and recruiting.. This is a chance to learn direct selling recruiting strategies from one of the best!

Ray Higdon is the #1 income earner in the Numis Network making over $50K per month from that income stream alone. He’s one of the top online marketers in the network marketing and direct selling industry and he’s quickly becoming a household name in the industry.

Things weren’t always peaches and rainbows for Ray. He was in personal foreclosure just 2 years ago. His partner Jess had to pay his utility bills because he was so broke. He failed in a handful of network marketing companies while he was honing his skills and working on his entrepreneurial mindset. Which is funny because people see Ray, the $50K per month income earner today and say, “wow he’s an overnight success!” 

Ray joined Numis 2 years ago and very quickly became the #1 income earner in the company. He was sponsoring reps left and right and bringing leaders in from other companies as a result of mastering the art of direct selling recruiting.

Why does Ray have these impressive results? 

Why was he able to go from broke to $50K a month in such a short period of time? 

Why does he sponsor leaders and other industry top producers with ease?

Why was he able to sponsor 28 reps in 21 days at a $500 entry level?

Why has Ray been able to win cars, cruises and luxury vacations? 

Its because he mastered one skill..

Ray mastered sponsoring!

“Ray Personally Sponsored 28 People in 21 Days (minimum $500 buy-in), his Best Month was $52,000 in Residual Income, and he’s Won Cruises, Vacations and a $100,000 Car Thanks to ONE Skill-Set He Mastered…”

direct selling recruiting

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Ray in his primary business for the better part of two years. Since I’ve become a producer in the company I’ve been privately coaching with Ray once per week. My sponsoring has greatly improved since spending privat time with him.

Ray has created the results he has because he’s put a strong emphasis on prospecting, sponsoring, recruiting and closing new reps. His strategies have allowed him to sponsor over 200 reps in the last two years.

Would you like to have similar results in your business? 

This 4 video master sponsoring series will empower you to sponsor more reps faster and skyrocket your residual check over time.

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