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Direct Sales TrainingDirect Sales Training and Becoming a Talent Scout

Succeeding in the highly competitive and very dynamic world of direct sales, network marketing, referral marketing, MLM or whatever you want to call it takes a great deal of commitment. A commitment to learning new things and applying your knowledge persistently, over a long period of time. This direct sales training will assist you in becoming the leader that others are looking for and attracting the right type of person into your enterprise. Visit this link to access ongoing direct sales training by industry superstars from both the online and offline world.

Most newbie entrepreneurs in the direct sales industry spend too much time chasing and convincing the wrong people to join their direct sales organization. I’ve noticed that many spend too much time explaining and not enough time listening. You want to learn to say less to more people!

It’s easy to think about someone in your life who would be a great asset to your business but the timing may or may not be right for them. So it’s common for the rookie to chase these people around begging and convincing them to join, when they have expressed little to no interest in doing so.

Becoming good at attracting the right people into your direct sales organization often takes a mental shift from seeing yourself as a sales rep for XYZ company, to viewing yourself as a talent scout.

A talent scout does not spend a great deal of time with the wrong people. They understand what they are looking for and they don’t get emotionally attached to the outcome. They know that if they go through enough numbers the right people will eventually come forward. And in the beginning you must make up in numbers what you lack in skill.

A great way to speed up the process is by become the right person yourself. If you spend time and energy on developing yourself and your skills, you will start to attract people who do the same. You will begin to attract people at and beyond your level of skills and personal development, rather than below.

Pay attention to the language you use in your life and your business. If you go around talking about how much your leads suck and how no one has the money to get started in your business, then you will bring about more of what you don’t want. Start saying that you are the leader people are looking for. This will eventually become your reality and as you become that leader you will attract other leaders to you. Start to say, “I am,” more often. I am becoming. I am learning. When you do this you take ownership and responsibility. Most people avoid doing this because they want to blame others and outside circumstances for their results.

Direct Marketing Training

Marketing is everything in this business and the language you use in your marketing will either attract or repel leaders. It will also either attract or repel losers.

I see a lot of marketers use language like, “The easiest way to make money online,” or “do nothing and get paid.

What type of person do you think this type of marketing attracts?

This type of language used in marketing will attract people who are not willing to do any work. People with an entitlement mentality and people who are looking for a quick fix, not a long term business that requires commitment and work.

What if we used a language like “Entrepreneurs Wanted” or, “$2,000 minimum required,” or “Seeking self motivated, self starters,” “application required”

That type of language would attract a higher caliber person, would it not? The ad itself would weed out the tire kickers and get rich quick losers. You would attract a higher quality person into your direct sales organization. Want more direct marketing training? Learn the top 25 recruiting methods of a seven figure direct sales industry veteran.

Direct Sales Training – Recruiting Talent Through Internet Marketing

There are many extremely successful people in the direct sales industry who have built their organizations before the internet ever existed. They only know how to build their direct sales organizations through their “warm list,” buying leads, the three foot rule and other traditional methods. Many of the smart ones are realizing that they need to learn interent marketing to train their teams or their downline members will leave them and find someone who will.

I’ve personally attracted great leaders to my organizations through honing my internet marketing skills. Some of them have been far more financially successful than me, but they see me as a peer and someone of value because I have know how to leverage technology to build my business. I believe that the future leaders of the direct sales industry will be the people who know how to do the online side but who are not afraid to connect with people and do the offline stuff as well.

Work on building your online brand and your credibility. It will not be an overnight process but again, as you get better you will start to attract better people. Surround yourself with leaders in the online world and take your education seriously.

I personally belong to an amazing community of online marketers in the direct sales arena who are committed to developing others personally and professionally. To learn about this community and access a great deal of direct sales training watch the following 30 minute presentation.