Creating a Killer Direct Sales Marketing Plan

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direct sales marketing planDirect Sales Marketing Plan

In the world of direct sales marketing or in anything for that matter failing to plan is planning to fail. You need to create a plan of attack for your business for the next week, the next 30 days, 90 days, 6 months, and the entire year.

If you are building a direct sales business where will you be this time next year?  Do you have a clear vision of what that will look like? Do you have a solid direct sales marketing plan to get you there? If not thats ok. It just means you are going to want to get clear on that very quickly if you want to start moving towards it.

Do you really have a plan or are you wining it? Are you all over the map? Are you attempting to become successful via osmosis. If so it probably won’t be happening anytime soon. Set a clear intention of what you want and create a plan to attain it. This post and the following video will assist you in setting up a winning direct sales marketing plan.

Direct Sales Marketing

First you must asses where you are right now and what your strengths and weaknesses are. If you are outgoing and social facebook may be an excellent vehicle for you. If you are introverted don’t force yourself to be social and don’t try to be something your not. Use your strengths. If you enjoy writing than maybe article marketing should be your primary marketing strategy. If you are very analytical then maybe pay per click or SEO is the way to go. Focus on your existing strengths and start working on forming a mastermind team of people who are strong in the areas where you are weak.

Direct Sales Business Plan

So what should your plan look like? Your direct sales business plan should be simple. It should be so simple that you know EXACTLY what you’re supposed to be doing during the hours you devote to your business. This is going to be different for different people depending on your strengths, weaknesses, available time and available resources (like marketing budget).

NOTE – Do not let a lack of time or money be an excuse for your lack of results. Successful people do not make excuses – They simply use what they have available to them and make due! They produce!

With a direct sales business plan you should focus on one primary marketing strategy and at least one or even two secondary strategies. For example your primary strategy could be video marketing and your secondary strategy could be facebook. Video marketing and social media go extremely well together so in the world of direct sales marketing that is a winning combination.

You also have to devote time to prospecting over the phone and asking oriented marketing. Set daily, weekly and monthly production goals. You could set a production goal to speak with 5 new prospects daily about your products or service. This will not make much of a difference for you after one day but after 6 months if you are consistent the compounding effect will kick in and you will be well on your way to creating a thriving business.

Network Marketing Business Plan

Creating a winning direct sales business plan also depends on your amount of time and other resources like marketing budget.

This is an example of a simple network marketing business plan with a zero to $500 monthly marketing budget.

1.) Content Production

Producing content in the form of videos, articles, blogs, press releases – Pick one or two to focus on. For me its blog’s and Videos. (When I got started it was just videos and I made videos daily).

Today I produce 3 blog posts per week on Tues, Wed, Thurs. On top of that I have a production goal of at least 5 videos per week. This does not mean I will not have weeks where I produce 10 or more videos in a week.

5 new pieces of content per week!

If you’re doing video marketing and using Tube Mogul (free) or Traffic Geyser (paid) for distribution this could add up to hundreds or even thousands of pieces of online real estate per week! The same goes for article marketing if your using Automatic Article Submitter! Imagine how much exposure your content could have if you do this consistently all year!

2.) Building a social media audience for exposure and credibility

Following on twitter, friend requesting on facebook & linkedin, subscribing to channels on youtube. Again pick one or two to focus on and ATTACK.

I really like twitter because there are fewer restrictions and you can automate the majority of the process.

Building these accounts daily and building a relationship with your growing audience will provide a great medium to share your newly created content.

Facebook – 100 new connections per week. Remember this is SOCIAL MEDIA! Start conversations, build relationships, ask questions, establish connections.

Twitter – If you follow 1,000 twitter users per week you will get roughly 300 new followers per week. Then up your numbers when you reach 2,000 followers. I did this manually and built one of my accounts to over 30,000 followers which I use to generate free leads daily!

3.) Exposing people to your products and services through prospecting

You MUST be speaking to people about your products and/or services daily. If you’re generating leads with an online marketing system like MLSP you will be speaking with a higher quality prospect than if your only audience is your friends and family, but you still have to be connecting daily.

Set a goal to speak with 5-10 people per day about your products/services or business opportunity. Make up in numbers what you lack in skill! Over time you will get more comfortable with the process, you will get better on the phone and you will be well on your way to top producer getting awards on stage at your company events!

Speak with 50 NEW prospects per week! Even if your not very good you can expect 20% to at least show an interest.

10 NEW Interested prospects should equal out to about 2-3 new sign ups per week! That’s over 100 new sign ups in a year.

Numbers like these in this industry compounded over a couple years means you’ve reached the top .1% of the industry and with only a small percentage of your organization duplicating and you’re a millionaire in about 5 years!

Direct sales marketing is fun and extremely rewarding. Many of us are transitioning away from being an employee and into the exciting world of entrepreneurship. This can be a challenge when you used to having someone else tell you what to do. Creating an effective network marketing business plan will greatly assist you in this process. But you must become self motivated and a self starter. This is a process and if your not where you want to be just yet thats ok. The process takes time and patience.

Good luck and get to work on creating your killer direct sales business plan that works for you!

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