CRUSHING IT In 100 Days | The Journey Begins

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crushing it in 100 daysThe journey begins yet again. 3 days ago Jordan Schultz and I kicked off our Tribal Syndication Domination 100 day challenge. This is the second “challenge” Jordan and I have co-hosted. Our first one kicked off in January of this year and it was a smashing success. So much so in fact that one “challenger” grew his blog traffic from around 300 hits per month to over 23,000 hits per month during the 100 day period. We have marketers who had never generated leads online before getting upwards of 15 free leads a day and people who were once horrible at recruiting new reps sponsor up to 4 distributors in a single day.

After releasing Tribal Syndication Domination we decided to offer a new 100 day challenge to people who had purchased Tribal. A 100 day push is usually exactly what it takes to ramp up content creation and create some real momentum with your traffic and lead flow. That is actually one thing that makes this challenge very unique to our previous one. All of our new challengers OWN our course that contains all the “how to” information. They also made an additional notable investment into their own businesses with the challenge itself so we know these marketers are hungry and DEADLY serious about getting results.

Here are a few videos from our new 100 day challengers

George Briere

Ray Wateska

Jan Fowler

Chris Blair

Needless to say we are all very excited to begin this 100 day business building journey. It will certainly be a challenge and we will push ourselves and hold each other accountable. We are not afraid to get a few bumps and bruises along the way because we understand that it’s an inevitable part of doing something great!

Congratulations to all of our new challengers. We (as in Jordan and I) are very excited to be working with every single one of you. The Journey begins. IT’S GO TIME!!

P.S. If you’re incredibly “jacked up” and excited about this challenge please leave me a comment below. Thanks!

Adam Chandler

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