Creating wealth | 6 questions to ask if you want to get good at creating wealth

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creating-wealthCreating wealth in the 21st century can be as easy or hard as you make it. It will require discipline and it will require reprogramming yourself. Especially if you have been brought up to believe that wealthy people are in some way bad. Your personal quest for wealth will be blocked by the mixed messages you send. One part of you says, “I want to get rich” and the other contradicts that by saying, “rich people are bad,” or rich people are dishonest or any of the other lies you’ve been taught to believe by society, the media, perhaps even your own family.

Creating wealth can only be achieved by either increasing the amount of money you make or by spending less than you make and saving and/or making wise investments that pay out over a long period of time. This post will illustrate strategic ways for creating wealth and building wealth in your life and detail 6 questions to as yourself if you are saying, “I want to get rich.”

I recently returned to Colorado from the CarbonCopyPro master marketing event in Las Vegas. This was a unique event in that instead of just learning internet marketing we learned strategies for building wealth by a best selling financial author named, David Bach. David Bach has created best selling financial books including “The Automatic Millionaire” and “Smart Couples finish rich.” David Bach asked several simple yet profound questions you should ask yourself if you are serious about creating wealth.

These 6 powerful questions will aid you in  creating wealth in your own life

“I want to be rich”.. So what.. Why do you want to be rich? It is not good enough to just say I want to be rich. You have to get clear on why you want to get rich and get good at building wealth.

Creating wealth from home can be as simple as taking the money you would normally pay for a “latte” at Starbucks and put that into a high yielding savings account. This simple act compounded over time can add up to be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars over the long term.

Creating wealth from home can also be achieved in a lucrative home based business. Of course not all home based business opportunities are created equal and when searching for an opportunity for creating wealth from home with a business opportunity you must take into account several factors including the track record of the founders of the company, the company itself, the compensation structure and many more factors.

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