My Embarrassing Story About Losing My Job – And Creating Success in Your Business

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The story i’m about to share with you is embarrassing…


In fact – Its one of the most embarrassing stories of my entire life!


replaced by a boardThis is the true story about how I was fired from my job and replaced by a board. Like, literally it was a 2×4.


Now I know that a lot of other people have been let go from jobs…


Maybe you can even relate to that part.


But have you ever heard about someone losing a job and being replaced by an inanimate object? Because your about to.


And i’m going to make this story relevant to your business at the end… Because if a guy who got fired from a job and replaced by a board can become successful in home based business, whats your excuse for not making it happen?


Almost exactly ten years after I got fired and replaced by a board I started my second year in a row (January of 2013) with a 7 day cruise to the Caribbean that I won for sponsoring and recruiting people into my network marketing business…


So this is really the story of how I went from being “replaced by a board” to succeeding in home based business, and cruising in the Caribbean.


Here it goes…


In 2003 I worked on a ski resort in Southern Vermont. Not for the actual resort itself but for a snowmobile tour company that was operated by a guy I knew back then and his business partner Klaus.


Lets just say that Klaus was a son of a bitch! None of the employees, including me, like him very much because he was a jerk.


One day Klaus came into the little shack where I worked.. He was holding a board in his hands and he said,


“Adam your fired… Here’s your replacement….” As he made sure I got a good look at the board that was taking my job…


Let me just back up for a sec and put this story into context…


I worked in a little shack at the base of the ski resort access road.. Skiers would come down off the mountain and come into my little information shack wanting to go snowmobiling.


But what they didn’t know was that the information shack was not where they actually left from to go on their snowmobile excursions.


So I would tell them, “if you want the one hour tour go one mile down the road and if you want the two hour tour go two miles down the road… please take a brochure”


My jaw dropped when I saw Klaus holding this board…


The board literally read… “If you want the one hour tour go one mile down the road. If you want the two hour tour go two miles down the road. Please take a brochure.


About 5 years later, when I started my first company in network marketing, I heard something that I took to heart.


A successful business leader in that company said, “we get paid in direct proportion to the amount of value we bring to the marketplace”


It hit me like a ton of bricks!


If I want to increase my income, I must first increase my personal value and then share that value with others.


You see, back in the day I possessed such a small amount of value, that my job could be replaced by an inmate object.


IMG_3162So how did I go from being replaced by a board to winning cruises, creating residual income, and being recognized on stage at my company events?


Simple… I increased my value to the marketplace


I did this by buying and consuming books, audio courses and information products related to marketing and building businesses.


I invested in my education as a marketer and an entrepreneur – and I dove headfirst into personal development and skill development.


If you understand that the only way you can increase your profits in your business is by increasing your personal value to the marketplace, then get ready to get excited!


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Adam Chandler

“taking a stand for your greatness”


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