Core Concepts of Effective Email Marketing – Part 2

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So last week I shared part 1 of a training I did for a group on entrepreneurs at a live event in Austin, Texas on effective email marketing. However these concepts can be used to enhance all areas of marketing especially content marketing, ad creation and social media marketing.

You can Review Part 1 of Core Concepts of Email Marketing Right Here

Click play on the video below for the second half of this eye opening training

Pretty cool concepts and strategies right?

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A few things I want to point out from the video.

I mentioned how you don’t have to become a professional copywriter to create effective email campaigns. You just have to make your follow up emails congruent to what they see when they land on the page you want to them to visit. I see marketers screw up this vital element all the time and it KILLS their conversions.

So the Facebook Advertising Cheat Sheet page is giving away a 10 page PDF report to instantly build your brand get leads and make sales on Facebook. All I need to do in my email broadcast campaign is keep referring back to this and other benefits stated right there on the landing page. Do you see how you don’t have to be a professional writer if you simply use benefits and other “hot buttons” mentioned right on the landing page?

You can do this in social media marketing, email follow up, other ad creation and of course content marketing, like I just did 🙂

Of course, the BDC campaign that I mention in the video is an email broadcast campaign. Meaning it is designed to get your existing email list subscribers to take an action and visit a new offer. You can use this customizable campaign to make ongoing offers to your email list. This could be a product launch from another marketer or a new offer created by your product or affiliate opportunity. It could also be your own offer that you create like a new video series, ebook or another self branding offer. Anyway you get the idea.

However, if your like many marketers in the home biz space you don’t even have an email list yet. Which makes it very difficult to position yourself as an authority or make any real money in an online business. Basically what I’m saying is you need a list.

Without a list you really don’t have an online business. If you want to be more successful in business you need your own assets that you own and you control. At the center of this is your email list. If you don’t have a list currently or if you want to build a bigger list faster and with more leverage, I can help. I used these exact 5 strategies to put thousands on my email list, recruit 166 reps into my business and become the #1 producer in my company in 12 months.

This is where you can access the List Leverage Blueprint that I mentioned in the video.

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