Content + Social = Profits | 3 Components of An Effective Content Marketing Plan

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You’ve heard that content is King right?

Well in the world of online marketing, content is CASH!

And if you don’t have a content marketing plan for your business… In the words of social media guru Gary Vaynerchuck, you basically don’t exist online!

What about social media? I remember back to the early days of social media when myspace was king and facebook was an infant.. There were a lot of people who said that social media was a FAD… I remember when I was maybe 23 years old (10 years ago) telling my friends that I would never own a cell phone… Today, like it is for most, my phone is like an another appendage…. Almost as important as my arms and legs.

And the people who said social media is a fad are eating their words for sure!

If your a business owner, you must have a presence on social media if you want to be found online, period!

And the best social media marketers have an effective content marketing strategy

Click play and watch the following video to learn 3 components of an effective content marketing plan

Here are the 3 components of an effective content marketing plan


content marketing plan

content marketing plan

1 – You must create relevant content

Your content must be relevant to your audience, your marketing message and your business

2 – You must create relevant QUALITY content

Your content has to be value driven and education based. It can’t be thrown together.. This is your brand we’re talking about here! 

3- You must create relevant quality content CONSISTENTLY

This is KEY! The idea is to get your prospects constantly returning to your message to build you up as the authority on the topic and to build trust and rapport with them. Quality and relevancy go out the window if your not consistent with your content marketing strategy


Here’s where it gets tricky… Who the hell has the time to create relevant, quality content 5-7 days a week? Thats a tall order for a professional writer, let alone most home business entrepreneurs with other commitments like job and family.

Thats why I’m super excited about my new “Content Bank.”

Thousands of relevant, quality articles for your blog and professionally designed social media posts to complement your content marketing plan and save you countless hours on your content creation. We have articles and posts for many different topics from marketing and social media to health and weight loss, wealth management, wealth creation, humor, family issues and everything in between!

Make sure you watch the video in this post all the way through to the end to get a live demonstration of what this actually looks like.

Now this is not meant to replace your content marketing strategies entirely…

But imagine…. Being able to create a relevant, quality traffic and lead driving piece of content 2 or 3 days a week, but publish content to your blog 7 days a week because 90 % of the heavy lifting is done for you! This could seriously cut your content creation time from multiple hours down to 20 or 30 minutes.

And right now, you can test drive the “content bank” along with the mCommerce foundation for 7 days for just $1.

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Now you know how important content is for your online marketing and social media results… You understand the 3 components of an effective content marketing plan, and you have an option for “done for you” quality, relevant content consistently while still having a life away from your computer!

Is that good freckin’ news or what!

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