Confessions of a Tech-Challenged Internet Marketer – Part 1

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This post was inspired by the amazing feedback I received after an email I wrote the other day to my subscriber list, made up mostly of network marketers and internet marketers.


And I wrote that email the day after I had to cancel my webinar due to tech issues.


Not sure if you’ve ever been in that spot before, but when people pay money to attend your webinar, or even if they don’t, it feels really terrible when you don’t come through, especially when you promoted it like crazy which I did.


However, I cleared up the issues and rescheduled the training for the very next day and it went off without a hitch.


This is screen of a facebook message sent by Jeff, one of the attendees of the live broadcast from the other night, which was part of my Next Level Blueprint Training series.

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This post will clear up some of the illusions people have about how you have to be some tech-whiz in order to make money online or grow your business using the internet. Nothing could be further from the truth and I’m living proof of that. I’ve never built a website in my life. I don’t know HTML or PHP and I am lightyears from being an SEO whiz.


This post will illustrate  the very simple minded steps I’ve taken to ensure that I don’t need to become some tech-guru to continue to grow my business the way I have up to this point. By the way I’ve also generated well over 10,000 leads online for my business. Not even sure exactly how many. Probably right around 12,000 total and I’m in the top 10 all-time producers in the biggest and baddest internet marketing training and lead generation systems on the planet.


Okay back to my tech-challenges and the frustrating situation I was in at the beginning of this week that inspired this post.


So I had to completely cancel the webinar due to audio-tech issues : (


The attendees said I sounded like a robot and couldn’t completely understand what I was saying. Not good!


Not sure if you can relate but i’ve been tech challenged my entire life..


I was the guy my friends used to make fun of because I couldn’t figure out to work the VCR.


(If you were born after 1990 a VCR is kinda like a DVD player but with large casette like things that would play movies ; )


You can probably find one in an antique store, right next to the horse and buggy…. lol


Some of my colleagues in the internet marketing world who are tech-savvy are baffled by the limited tech ability I have, compared to the amount of money I’ve made online and my status as a successful internet marketer.


I usually smile and tell them that my success comes from studying and understanding PEOPLE, NOT technology.


However, one of my secrets is that I do surround myself with tech savvy people who can help me when issues come up which they often do.


Which brings me to my first lesson for tech-challenged marketers


Make sure you have people in your corner who are tech-savvy


One thing I’ve been very good at over my 4+ year internet marketing career is masterminding with people who are walking a similar path and brining together marketers who have strengths in areas I do not.  Because often it is the case in visa versa meaning I have strengths in areas in which they are weak.


Tech people are usually good with technology, but don’t always have the best people skills. In fact they often don’t like dealing with people at all. That is why they like computers and nerdy techie stuff ; )


Who are some technical people in your life and what value can you provide for them in return for helping you with your tech-challenges?


Here is my second lesson for tech savvy internet marketers or wanna be internet marketers….

Plug Into A System And Start Taking Massive Action


When I plugged into my online marketing and lead generation system back in 2009 I started seeing substantial results.


This tech-tard signed up his first rep into his network marketing company and made a thousand dollar commission from a guy who lives in Denmark. I actually sponsored a handful of people in Europe and Australia before I ever got my first sign up in North America. All online of course because I plugged into a system that taught me step-by-step how to do it.


That month, which was my 6th or maybe 7th month in my company I also made an additional $1,400 from selling affiliate products within the marketing system.


Because I plugged into this system, which I still use to grow my business to this day, I didn’t have to learn how to build my own lead generation websites. They were built for me and all I had to do was to customize them and make it look like I designed them myself.


David Wood joined my team in that system, later in 2009 and he told me he was half way through the set up process before he realized that it was a system I didn’t personally create myself.


So you see how, when you have a marketing system, you can leverage the tech skills of other people, follow step-by step training and just take lots of action in order to see substantial online results. When you do this you can fool people into thinking you have crazy tech-skills or a team of people designing bad ass sales funnels for you, when in reality you just leveraged technology and plugged into a system that does most of the heavy lifting for you…


Check out my brand new sales funnel here, that I just created last night, using that very same system.


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And stay tuned to part 2 of my “confessions of a tech-challenged internet marketer” blog series coming soon…


Talk soon,


Adam Chandler



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