Now is the Time to Cash-In on Your Passion

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cash in on your passion“When your “why” is clear enough I promise “the how” will fall (almost magically) into place”

Before I get into the “meat and potatoes” of todays post I want to give credit where credit is due. I felt moved to create this post after listing to a “wake up call” that a good friend and mentor of mine recently hosted. Norbert Orlewicz is the co-creator of MyLeadSystemPRO, a marketing system I’ve used very effectively over the past couple of years to build my business. He is someone who has had an enormous impact on my business and my life and his insights into entrepreneurship, business, mindset, marketing and life in general has greatly assisted me in figuring things out and creating larger results.

On the “wake up call” that Norbert hosted he mentioned Gary Vaynerchuk who I do not have a personal relationship with, however I have recently read his book, “Crush it.” The sub-title of the book is actually, “Why now is the time to cash in on your passion.”

This is a video of Gary explaining why in this day and age you should not be doing anything that you do not enjoy and why now is the time to cash in on your passion.

Okay so there’s a couple things I took away from Norbert’s “wake up call” as well as this video. First, the old world is dying. In fact its been dying for quite some time so much so that we could honestly say its DEAD! I’m talking about the industrial age. I actually hosted my first ever, MLSP “wake up call” on this very topic.

The people who are clinging to the old world, looking for jobs in corporate America, crossing their fingers hoping things will go back to where they were in the boom times of the 1990’s and early 2000’s WILL GET LEFT BEHIND! If that is you, you need to wake up! Learn to embrace change rather than fight it.

I use to work in advertising at a newspaper in the classified department. My area was employment classifieds and appartement rentals. We would actually have weekly “craigslist” meetings to brainstorm how we could recoup some of the revenue we were losing to craigslist. The difference was that renters could advertise effectively on craigslist for free while our advertising packages were less effective and cost hundreds of dollars a week. Hmmm.. Which one am I going to go with if I’m a renter?

It actually took me losing 2 newspaper advertising jobs before I smartened up and realized that instead of fighting this media giant called the internet I had to find a way to embrace it and make it work for me. 2 and a half years later I now make a full time income on the internet and I have a level of freedom and security in my life that I never experienced in the corporate world.

In fact this is something that I’ve become passionate about.

Assisting people in embracing the change that is happening in the world rather than fighting it. And helping people to wake up to the sometimes harsh reality that unless we embrace change we will get left behind and its going to be a very painful thing for many many people.

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Bottom line is in the world of free enterprise and entrepreneurship, you have to be doing something that you are passionate about. If not, the challenges that will inevitably come up in your business can and will knock you off course.

If health and wellness is something that inspires you, do that. I hope that if you are in the network marketing industry you are in a solid health and wellness company. There are way too many people in the network marketing industry who are part of companies that they are not passionate about. I see a lot of people promoting companies who would never, in a million years, purchase the product if there were no business opportunity attached. You could have the best company in the world with the best compensation plan in the industry, but if you are not passionate about the product and the mission of the company, you will have challenges succeeding with that company.

In my 3 years of experience in the network marketing industry I’ve only attached my name to two companies. One was a financial education company that opened my eyes to the world of finance and how financial education on an individual level was the key to solving  the financial challenges we face as a society. The second was a company that I was introduced to in January of 2010. The product was gold and silver numismatic coins. So I had the opportunity to build solid assets with precious metals and create a cash-flow business promoting it. Awesome! The financial education company already taught me the importance of precious metals and building assets so it was perfect!

I’ve also been extremely successful teaching other network marketers how to build their business’ online. That is something that I am very passionate about. Again waking people up to the fact that the way we do business is changing. The way we communicate with one another is changing. We need to embrace that change and if you are in network marketing, this is how we do it!

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