Case Study: $1,800 in one day as a result of just 46 clicks?

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David Wood No Excuses SummitThis is a case study from David Wood’s new Perpetual Funnel System that absolutely blew me away. I’m going to explain the product in a bit but first I just want to give a little history of myself and David to give you an idea of his accomplishments and credibility for those of you who don’t know.

When I first met David Wood in September of 2009 I had no clue this dude would go on to average $3,000 a day in profit just over 2 years later. In fact, at the time I didn’t believe that was even possible. David joined me in an online marketing system called MyLeadSystemPRO and he very quickly went on to become the #1 recruiter as well as the #1 income earner in the system. He won MLSP’s first affiliate contest and won a brand new BMW in his first 3 months in the system. To this day I average roughly $2,000 per month from the second tier commissions I get from Davids production alone.

To this day Davids ability to make money hand over fist online and sponsor effortlessly into his network marketing business continues to amaze even me. It also continues to get the attention of major industry leaders including Mark Hoverson, Todd Falcone and many others. David is also the #1 recruiter in the Numis Network personally sponsoring over 500 reps in just over a year.

His latest  project and achievement is no different. The Perpetual Funnel System is a marketing course David has recently launched teaching other marketers how to make money online and recruit like crazy just like he does. One of the coolest things about the Perpetual Funnel System is that David generously offers a $300 instant affiliate commission for every PFS that you sell. Its not like other affiliate deals where you have to wait a month and a half to get paid. As soon as you make the sale a $300 commission gets instantly deposited into your pay pal account.

David did a case study the other day where a few affiliates just like you and me sent just 46 visitors to a capture page. 23 of them opted in for an unheard of 50% conversion rate. That resulted in $2,970 in total sales volume, $1,800 of which was paid out to the affiliates. And no that isn’t not a typo. David actually pays out more of the total volume to the affiliate marketer who makes the sale than he keeps for himself for creating the product.

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As you can see this is quite possibly the easiest $300 commission for just one sale than you’ll ever make in your life! When I think about the fact that I can easily average 30 cents per click on facebook’s paid advertising platform my mouth starts to water. Think about it. 46 visitors resulted in $1,800 in affiliate commissions. 46 clicks x 30 cents per click is $13.80 cents. If I only converted half of the sales in this case study that is still a profit of $886.20. Would you spend $13.80 per day if meant you made $886.20 in profit per day.

Purchase the Perpetual Funnel System through this link and we will schedule a 30 minute one on one mastermind session to detail a plan where you can make at least $300 a day selling this amazing product.

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