CarbonCopyPro Master Marketing Events 10for10 Review

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CarbonCopyPro 10for10 event review

Recently I’ve been writing about a 3 week vacation I took to the norhteast where I visited friends and family and traveled around to concerts and other events.

My Northeast tour (as I’ve been calling it) started off with a truly unique marketing event in lower manhattan called the 10for10.

CarbonCopyPro is an online marketing education and training system of which I’ve been a part of for over 2 years. The 10 for 10 is an event the founders Jay Kubassek and Aaron Parkinson created for their up and coming top producers. It is an “invitation only” event where there are no ticket fees like there are to attend most other events in this industry. The price you pay to attend the 10 for 10 is the price of discipline you’ve payed to reach the specified level of production in your business.

Over the last two years I’ve attended many events in this industry including 2 carbon copy pro master marketing events in Las Vegas and Lake Tahoe. These are events where hundreds of people gather to learn in a “lecture style” environment.

What differs the 10 for 10 event is that it is an intimate gathering of entrepreneurs who have proven themselves to be producers. There was literally about 15 attendees including myself with close to 10 seven figure trainers who all presented on various topics related to creating a thriving online empire.

Among the trainers were Jay Kubassek and Aaron Parkinson, Andrew Caas, Michael Force, Aaron Rashkin, Gregg Davison and Jeff Learner. All marketers who have achieved a minimum of seven figures in this industry. They all presented on their own areas of expertise. Everything from blowing away system conversion percentages to effectively marketing your story, leadership development, personal development and connecting the dots to have a more profitable business.

Traffic was not a big topic of conversation which makes sense because they assume that by reaching the level of production needed to be invited to the ten for ten you had to have a good grasp on effective traffic strategies. The content was focused more on improving productivity and converting more back end sales for an overall more profitable business.

Aaron Parkinson (seen here on the right) closed the event with his “full contact marketing” presentation where he shared some of his story and his philosophy on how you must approach your business. He describes the very unique way he’s lived his life and approached the challenges that have come before him. Aaron is a person who has been a professional soccer player, a full contact mixed martial arts fighter, he’s competed in the world series of poker and become an internet deca-millionaire. Needless to say he’s faced some serious challenges.

He said that you have to treat your business and your life as if you were a caveman with a club. If you don’t take out the woolly mammoth before you, your family won’t eat. This is the approach and attitude you must take with any challenge in your life.

We have been winning since our inception when we beat out millions of sperm trying to take what was rightfully ours. We are here because we are the cream of the crop and we all need to start acting that way. 

The message as well as the overall event had a profound effect on me and the way I will approach my business and my life moving forward. Visit this link to learn more about the CarbonCopyPRO marketing system and upcoming master marketing events.

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