The Perfect Business for Young Entrepreneurs – VERY CONTROVERSIAL

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business for young entrepreneursWhat is the perfect business for young entrepreneurs? Lets brainstorm together.. The perfect business for young entrepreneurs would require minimal start up capital, right? Ok thats a big fat CHECK! What else? Well it would have to be something that could be started on a part time basis so they could go to school or work another job or whatever. Ok minimal start up capital and part time to start, check! Now were getting somewhere but there’s gotta be way more. Young people have short attention spans, right? I’ve got it! The perfect business for young entrepreneurs must be something they could get passionate about in order to hold their attention.. Even.. Something they already do maybe? Are the light bulbs going on for you like they are on my end?

Studies show that the average 18-34 year old spends 4 times more time on social media sites like facebook, youtube and twitter than they do watching television, reading newspapers and listening to radio.. combined!

Could a social media marketing business be the prefect business for young entrepreneurs?

WARNING: The following link is NOT for the closed minded, or anyone stuck in the industrial age, or anyone unwilling to adapt to a new dynamic world.  This one hour presentation gives step by step instructions on how to leverage facebook for profit and how a half rich 29 year old kid went from living in a van to a mansion in the hills of costa rica.

As we get further and further into the information age, a few things become abundantly clear.

1.) The world is changing at a rate faster than anything we’ve ever seen in the history of the world. The people who are steeped in old ways of communicating and doing business will be left behind, for sure! And forever. That opens doors for new waves of hungry young social entrepreneurs like you and me to step up and.. basically take over the world! Who’s with me?

2.) Young entrepreneurs are at a HUGE advantage. Why? Many of us don’t even remember a world before the interntet. I was born in 1981 and I barely remember the pre-online revolution. Those of you born after 1990 are at an even greater advantage if you have the ability recognize it. Do you understand? You grew up in this new world where you literally have the entire world at your fingertips.. so much so that you don’t know anything else. Do You understand what a tremendous advantage that is? Your world, that you are completely comfortable in, is somewhat scary and confusing for many people born before the 1970’s. The world is yours for the taking my friends. Will you have the courage to take it?

What are some other potential businesses for young entrepreneurs?

What abut a personal service business for young entrepreneurs?

Personal service businesses for young entrepreneurs are great and usually require learning less actual skills than a real online business would. However, understand that owning a personal service business is a lot like owning a job. When you stop working, you stop making money. Not good! There is very little leverage involved and there is usually a ceiling on the amount of money you can make. And in the information age in which we are currently all living, there is far too much opportunity and leverage available. I’m talking about the kind of leverage where you can work for a few years and then never work again for the rest of your life! That is certainly not possible with any kind of service business like landscaping or house cleaning. Lets get real here.. The key word here is leverage and if you understand leverage.. I mean really understand it..  you can be do or have, literally anthing you want out of life. (Learn more about leverage in business and the cash-flow quadrant by checking out my review of Rich Dad Poor Dad)

Does this make sense?

This is yet another reason social media marketing is a great leveraged business for young entrepreneurs.

And my final tip for young social entrepreneurs is this. Commit to constantly learning new things, new skills and increasing your value. Knowledge is the new currency in the new world. In fact, Knowledge is money in the information age. Increase your value by learning new, profitable skills and you will be putting yourself in a very, VERY profitable postion in the years to come.

This one hour presentation describes the ultimate facebook money making system.  It’s the prefect all-in-one business for young entrepreneurs.

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Adam Chandler