Building Long-Term Mutually Beneficial Relationships Online

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building relationships onlineThere are many traditional network marketers who still believe it is impossible to build a sustainable network marketing organization online. These guys and girls believe the internet is an effective communication tool and it has its uses. Their way, meaning traditional means of building a business has worked for them for many years and in some cases even decades. There is no doubt that traditional means of building a network marketing organization works. It is based on grass roots communications and relationships. In fact that is the very reason these leaders don’t believe you can build a sustainable network marketing organization online. They understand. They know that network marketing is a relationship business. And they don’t believe you can build solid relationships online. I completely disagree. This post will detail why I disagree with these “old school” leaders and why the internet is becoming more and more effective for building relationships and creating a residual empire in network marketing.

Can you really build real relationships online?

Lets look at the multi million dollar online dating industry. Online dating is becoming a more and more socially acceptable way to meet people of the opposite sex. Many singles love it for a few reasons. First, you can meet people with similar interests to you. You can view the profiles for other singles to see what you have in common with them before the connection is made. Lets say you randomly approach a person of the opposite sex on the street with the hopes to strike up a conversation. At that point you have no idea if that person is in a committed relationship. It could be a complete waste of your time. At least on the online dating sites like or you know that the other “profiles” are single. And you know what they like to do for fun and other ways to connect with them.

Its the same in network marketing. There is something in network marketing called the “3 foot rule” where you are supposed to pitch your business to anyone who comes within 3 feet of you. No thanks. To me that is completely retarded. For one, you don’t know if that person is even looking to change their life or start a business. Again it could be a complete waste of your time.

Using Social Media to Build relationships online

Social media is a connecting and relationship building platform. You can find people based on their interests to learn what industry their in and what they like to do for fun. Imagine being a real estate professional who transitioned into network marketing because you wanted a business model that allows you to build residual income. On top of that you like to snowboard. You could literally go on facebook and find groups of realtors to connect with. Locate the ones who also like to snowboard and BAM! You have made a serious connection with a like mined professional who also likes the same recreational activities you do. That is a win win, mutually beneficial long term relationship in the making. Maybe that person wants to snowboard more often but their busy real estate business keeps them from doing so. Maybe they would be open to taking a look at a business with serious long term residual income potential so they can focus less on their business and more on their craft.

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Using Search Engine Marketing to Build Relationships online

Search engines are great.. Let me rephrase that.. Search engine marketing is great because you can target people based on their individual needs and problems. When someone goes to they are looking for an answer to a question or issue they are facing. So you can put information in front of them that addresses that individual need. Capture their information and connect with them. Here is a tip that has made me a lot of sales online. If you capture their information and they do not leave a phone number you can copy and paste their email into facebook. If they’ve created a facebook account around that profile their picture will come up. Send them a friend request and follow up with a message introducing yourself and asking a question. This is a great way to build relationships online and combine search engine marketing with social media marketing.

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