Building A Direct Sales Business In The Information Age

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Building-a-direct-sales-businessBuilding a direct sales business

Building a direct sales business just got a little easier and a lot more fun. The internet has really leveled the playing field for the direct sales recruiter to reach his/her potential audience. Cold calling and scripts have been replaced with warm lead generation and social media marketing. No longer is it just major corporations who can profit with massive print and broadcast media campaigns but the “little guy” as well… That is if the little guy has the smarts and the nerve to take action and outshine his/her competition. Building a direct sales business can be a lot of fun online when you know what your doing and you can literally have your advertisement within inches from some major brand. It is truly an environment of “free enterprise” and you will be rewarded for your creativity and your ability to stand out from the crowd.

building a network marketing business

If you are building a network marketing business than welcome to the right place at the right time. The direct sales/network marketing industry is exploding due to economic uncertainty and people like myself who were sick of the “normal” way of doing things. Building a network marketing business in the digital age can be a costly venture if you go out into the world of online advertising with no education. And I’m not talking about a formal education. As far as I know this stuff is not taught in schools but maybe some day it will be when it reaches mainstream society. You must learn from those who have paved the path before you and have the results you seek. Surround yourself with experience and commit at least 3 to 5 years to the implementation of your newly acquired knowledge.

Building a MLM Business

The Internet and social media absolutely opens the doors of communication for the MLM industry. Although many MLM’ers seem set in their ways and unwilling to give it a chance. I feel that people building a mlm business who are not in some way embracing the internet will get left behind. The younger people who are being exposed to the industry daily will have no interest in joining any MLM that does not have a strong online presence as well as a real online training platform. The future leaders of the MLM industry will be people who understand online marketing but are not afraid to do the offline stuff as well. Building a mlm business in the information age is a lot easier since communication has gotten easier. You can build your entire team offline then have team websites, skype chats, ning communities to effectively communicate with them which is vital when building a mlm business.

Building a Direct Marketing Business

When building a direct marketing business it is important to first understand the fundamental rules of marketing. The internet has opened many doors for free and low cost direct marketing opportunities but before you go and try to learn search engine marketing it is important to learn the basics. We have many members who use my online marketing system for lead generation who think they can learn facebook marketing and SEO before learning the basics and they always struggle. The internet is vast and it really does “level the playing field” but behind the internet is a lot of people and until you learn principles of effective communication and psychology all the ‘how to’ information will do you little good. The best part of building a direct marketing business in the information age is you can get laser targeted with your marketing message. You can find tiny segmented niche markets no one even knows about and dominate. There are millions of these. Learn the basics of reaching these audiences, decide to be the best, take massive action and you will crush it.

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