5 Ways To Become More Successful RIGHT NOW!

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Achievers of the world know that success is not something you have….


…. Its something you become by going through a process of personal development, skill development followed by action. Lots of action.


Success is a mental attitude.


Thats why successful people don’t have to show off their bling bling to show you they have a lot of bling bling…


…. Because they carry themselves differently than average people.


Their time is often very valuable to them and thats why they don’t waste even a minute of it on conversations that seem to be going nowhere or with people who want to drain their energy by being negative or telling “woe is me” stories.


They don’t have time for that BS.


Doesn’t mean they don’t care about people and peoples problems. Quite the contrary. They are problem solvers but they understand that their time is best spent solving problems on a larger scale.


Now that you understand that success is more about attitude than how much money you have in the bank or how many people you have on your team, here are a few ways to become more successful now!

1) Work on your personal productivity

Have you noticed that successful people are very productive? I have mentors in my life who get more shit done by 10am than most people probably do all day. Here’s a great place to start. Get a journal and start to track what actions you take when you work on your business over a period of a week. Is at least 80% of your business building time going to income producing activities like creating marketing content, ads or communicating with prospects? Or are you spending the majority of your time in learning mode watching training videos, attending webinars, getting distracted on facebook or checking your email every 2 minutes? Click here now for my 23 productivity secrets training that allowed me to create my first ever 6-figure income in 2011.


url-92) Start asking bigger questions of yourself

Anthony Robbins said, “if you want bigger results in life, start asking yourself bigger questions.”

So rather than asking yourself low vibrational questions like, “why is no one signing up with me?” or “why does building a business have to be so hard” start asking questions like, “how can I serve more?” “how can I rapidly increase my own personal value,” “how can I share my value with a larger, higher quality audience?”

See how these are examples of bigger questions? Start asking and focusing on bigger questions. The answers may not pop into your head right away but you will discover them eventually  if you are open to receiving.


3) Affirmations

This is a secret of successful people all over the world. And non-successful people always think this is a weird practice and they greatly resist it or even attack it.

But for me it has been an extremely useful way to breakthrough some of the limiting thoughts and beliefs that have held me back from the success I desired. Here’s an affirmation that I created to counteract a limiting belief I had about how for me to have more it meant that other people had to have less. Its total BS programming that was rooted deep in my unconscious mind and not only is it completely false, the belief actually stopped me from helping and serving more people. Here it goes…

“My expanding wealth contributes the the greater good of society and humanity.” See how that counteracts the old limiting belief that if I have more others have to have less?

Here are some of my favorites that i’ve used to breakthrough. “I am the leader people are looking for” as well as, “I have complete freedom in my life” I used to say this when I was metaphorically chained to a cubicle all day every day until one day it became reality and now I have complete freedom in my life! Pretty cool, huh?


4) Surround yourself with success

In the home based business industry we can do this fairly easily by attending training calls, webinar trainings and live events. But to me this also means reading books and consuming information about success and successful people. Try reading a biography about people like Richard Branson, Oprah, Andrew Carnegie, Thomas Edison and other successful people. Do you have a subscription to success magazine? You should if you want to surround yourself with success. What personal development book are you reading right now? If your not reading any well ding ding ding there’s a clue. A couple of my recommendations for quick reads are, “as a man thinketh” by James Allen, “The Charge” by Brandon Burchard and “Leading an Inspired Life” by Jim Rohn.


5) Follow the leader

Life is essentially one big game of follow the leader. And if you want to become a great leader you must start by being a great follower. There’s a success saying that goes, “find someone who has what you want, do what they do and you’ll get what they got.”


url-11My early successes in my business came from literally modeling successful people in my business who were crushing it and getting the results that I wanted to attract. I started making youtube videos based on videos I was watching by my mentors. I made one video that attracted a guy who went on to become the #1 all time producer in my online marketing system and I still get paid from his efforts to this day. All because I modeled one of my mentors who had the results I wanted.


Pretty cool, huh?


The fact that I had some mentorship and one on one coaching early on in my home business career was a major advantage and allowed me to go full time in my business in my first year.


Its an absolute fact of success that getting one-on-one personal guidance from someone who has been through the struggles and frustrations of building a business and came out victorious on the other side is a way to drastically shortcut your success. Even cut years of potential frustration off of your learning curve.


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