3 Rules For Attracting Professionals With Money

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First off, credit where credit is due. I just watched a training video from Mark Hoverson. An internet marketing, direct response and personal branding master. If you don’t know who he is, you should look him up. Some of the content of this post came directly from his teaching in a course I own called “Leadership Branding for Direct Response.”

Its funny cuz the same things that are going to attract “lottery mentality” people will actually deter professionals with money.

The same is true in visa versa.

So who do you want to attract?

Get rich quick losers with an entitlement mentality who will most likely blame you for their lack of results?

or serious professionals who:

  • can actually afford whatever it is you are selling
  • Take personal responsibility for creating results
  • Have a network of other professionals who share the same traits?

Go ahead and think about that one for a moment…

I can wait… lol

Rule #1 – Professionals Hate Hype

Hype is a major turn off for professionals. Its like kryptonite to them. They hate it when someone promises the moon. And if you over-promise and under-deliver even once you have probably ruined your relationship with them forever. So instead of using language and terminology about getting rich use verbiage about living a purpose driven life. A life of meaning where values and integrity are at the forefront of everything.

Rule #2 – Put out A Persona of Full-Disclosure

Be as authentic and honest and real as possible. Don’t try and be something you are not because they will often see right through it. Share stories of your own pain, this way it clears the air that you think your all that. If there is a limited number of spots available, explain why that is because they are also very turned off by unreal gimmicks. Putting out a persona of full disclosure means that if you struggled to make any money in your first year, tell them that. Because often, these people understand that the results you produce have very little to do with the results they are going to produce. Get it? They will often respect you more if you are open and honest about your struggle and for professionals, respect is a biggie. Its maybe the biggest biggie of all the biggies.

Rule #3 – Use intelligent vocabulary

Its important in any kind of copywriting that you use words that people often don’t see in print. Using “folksy” language makes you seem like more of a real person and it makes your writing come across as more conversational, which is huge in effective copywriting. So use words like “teeny weeny” and “a tad” and “shenanigans.” Using folksy language in your writing and communications make you come across as sociable and unpretentious.

Professionals (and smart people in general) read a lot. Which often results in a more extensive vocabulary. So if you want to attract them, be like them and read a wide variety of things as often as possible to expand your own vocabulary. In “leadership Branding for Direct Response” Hoverson talks about how he uses terms like “cornucopia,” and “symbiotic”  and “supernova.”

Read this blog post in full, its a literal cornucopia of knowledge.

So there ya have it folks…

Start implementing these strategies to attract professionals with money and repel the tire kickers, the get rich quick losers and the lottery mentality people looking for a “quick buck.”

Hope you enjoyed the training in todays post. If you liked this one you will absolutely flip your lid over my last post on the “5 secrets for defeating overwhelm and becoming a hyper-productivity well paid entrepreneur” which you can check out when you Click Here Right Now.

Talk soon,


P.S. Another way to only deal with serious people and filter out the tire kickers is to use a funded proposal system like this onefor filtering your leads and only connecting with people who have a serious interest in starting and building a business.


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