3 Ways to Assume Authority with your Prospects and Get More Sign Ups

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assume authority with your prospectsFACT: When your prospect sees you as the expert and authority they are WAY more likely to do business with you! Yes they also have to know you, like you and trust you, but for a likable person like you the first two parts of that equation should be easy! The “Trust” part is a bit more difficult and that is where “authority” comes into play. This post will provide some insights on how to assume authority with your prospects as a way to close more sales.

1.) Give a valuable educational recourse away for free!

When you give an educational recourse away for free you immediately assume authority. This could be a free report, or a training video of some kind. Remember, perception is reality. I don’t personally have to know anything about my product or service as long as I am giving away free training related to it, I become the authority and the expert in my prospects eyes immediately.

These are a couple examples of websites offered by my online marketing system. You could be day one in the system, know absolutely NOTHING about internet marketing, and become the expert in the eyes of your prospects by giving away this valuable training.

For example, I could know nothing about facebook advertising, never generated a single lead or acquired one single customer or team member via facebook, but if I offered this FREE facebook marketing and lead generation training for network marketers, I become the authority, at least in the mind of my prospect.


By the power vested in me by the internet marketing gods I herby give you permission to claim authority to your prospective customers in your niche. Now that is kind of a joke.. OK, it was meant to be a big joke but I’m serious about the fact that a lot of marketers lose out on sales and sign ups simply because they think, for whatever reason, that they have to get X result before they can claim authority in their field. Like they have to have generated a thousand leads online before they can teach others how to do so.

There are literally millions of ways to claim authority with your prospects. If you are talking to a prospect on the phone, ask questions that get them to reveal pain or discomfort. For example, “is there something that has recently changed in your life that has you looking for business opportunities?” Maybe you get them to reveal that recently lost their job. You may then ask, “How serious are you about starting a business from the comfort of your home?” Regardless of their answer you could simply say, “Well my time is very valuable and I simply cannot work with just anyone, if I choose to work with you, how do I know that you’ll do whatever it takes to become a successful entrepreneur?” You see how that is subtly claiming authority? You see how that is way more powerful and effective than chasing around prospects begging them to get involved with you?

3.) Borrow it from other members of your organization, upline, company owners or whatever

Example: “I’m currently working with some of the top internet marketers in the network marketing industry, do you feel that having access to training from 6 and 7 figure marketers can help you build your business faster and more effectively?”

That is an example of borrowing authority while speaking to a prospect on the phone.

This is an example of borrowing authority using ad copy on a website.

Learn how this “economically ruined” real estate investor replaced a $250K per year income in just one year with this “government approved money system”

Assuming authority with your prospective buyers is not only useful for making more sales it is crucial for your success as a network marketer, internet marketer or whatever your chosen field of endeavor. Remember, they have to know you like you and trust you before they will buy from you and trust is probably most important. You earn your prospects trust by becoming the authority in their eyes! For more network marketing training visit this post on how to create an effective network marketing list.

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Adam Chandler

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