Do You Have a Clear Asset Development Plan for the Next 5 Years?

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I heard a couple shocking statistic over this past weekend that inspired me to take some action to help the average Americans put together a solid plan for asset development. We’ve all heard about the economic problems and downright financial sickness we’re currently facing in America and around the world but did you know that:

“53% of Americans do not believe they will have enough money to retire” 2011 Gallup Poll

or that…

“57% of Americans set to retire in 10 years have yet to even think about the steps they need to take financially in order to retire” – (recent study on the lack of preparedness Americans face on their way to retirement)

Do those statistics disgust you as much as they do me? 

It is blatantly obvious that we need solutions to these problems and I personally do not believe that these solutions will come from the top down. What do I mean by that? I mean Obama is not going to save US! The solutions to these problems will come from the ground up! They will come from grass roots organizations and people like you and me! How can we solve such a massive problem? I mean, 53% of Americans? thats like 150 million people! How can we possibly solve a problem that large? I’ll tell you how… One person and family at a time! If you agree that we need answers to these problems and you are willing to be a part of the solution watch the following video about the solution and mission I’ve chosen to get behind to do my part to solve these problems. 970-568-6136

Again, if you agree that we need solutions to these financial problems and are willing to do your part to help average everyday hardworking Americans and American families, leave me a comment below. I know we can put a serious dent in this problem and help people sleep better at night knowing they have a solid asset development plan in place for the future. And I know for sure that if we put our two heads together, yours and mine, we collectively become 10 times more powerful.

The only question I have left for you is…

Are you with me? 

If you agree with me, and are ready to help solve some of these problems, share this post with your social media contacts via the “share links” above and leave me a comment below.

Adam Chandler

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