As this sweat leaves my body….

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as this sweat leaves my bodyAs this sweat leaves my body it carries with it all self-doubt and limiting belief that existed within. For I know I am a strong and capable human being with limitless potential.


As this sweat leaves my body it takes with it all fear for I will not allow fear of the unknown or fear of what may happen tomorrow to dictate my decisions today.


As this sweat leaves my body it carries with it all worry. For I know that worry clouds my ability to act in the moment and seize the countless opportunities that will arise today.


With each deep breath I take my lungs are filled with crisp clean fresh airEach inhale brings new possibilities and endless potential.


It reminds me that every passing moment is a new beginning. Yet another chance to turn it all around and become whatever I choose to become.


As I exhale, as this hot stale air exits my body I expel with it thoughts and feelings of uncertainty. For I am certain the path I’ve chosen will lead me to glory.


Others will sense this certainty and it will dissolve their fear and their doubt. My vision will be so crystal clear it will melt away their worry and limiting beliefs in themselves. They will follow me as I lead them to the promised land.”



This poem or whatever you want to call it was inspired as I was sitting in the steam room at my local gym. As the beads of sweat dripped off my face and fell to the ground I would visualize everything I did not want including doubt, worry and fear leaving my body with each drop of sweat.

Did it work?

Just like everyone else I feel feelings of fear and doubt but I find myself not allowing those feelings to dictate my decisions as they once did. I see too many people allowing fear doubt and worry to dictate their lives and their decisions. Decisions that literally shape their everyday experiences.

This is not how I want to live my life and although some may consider visualization and affirmation to be silly and a waste of time I will continue to practice it and champion it because I know what its done for my life and what it can do for you if you approach it with an open mind.

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